I am an intuitive tarot card reader. With over 45 years experience, I am not one for yes or no answers, rather, I prefer to enlighten those for whom I read. Events, situations, lessons and advice are all a part of these readings. 

If you are expecting a reading which conveys typical tarot card meanings, this is not the place for you to obtain a reading. I use the cards merely as a tool. The information that comes forth in my readings comes from a place I cannot describe. 


  1. Hello Cecelia,
    This is the only place I could find to contact you. For some reason the membership I canceled is still being billed and there is no access to the readings?

    Thanks so much for your help in this matter.

  2. Hi Cecelia!
    I was so impressed with my $5.00 reading, I can’t believe it was so in depth for 5 bucks, I was expecting a generic answer, you know, like the 2.99 a minute crap. You really touched on my life, like you knew me, I just listened to my reading again, and you were spot on. How refreshing to know that you are the real deal, there are so many fakers out there, and they are robbing people. I consider it my lucky day to have found you.! I think I’ve found a friend!
    Talk to you soon, and God Bless! Lynn in Pittsburgh 🙂

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