Current Discounts Available

August will prove to be a very interesting month! This month, I have given access to my August Love and Finance in several places, to assist you in navigating its twists and turns. I have created a limited-time offer, giving 10% off any subscription package, and the discount applies to the first payment. Use code AUGUSTLOVEFINANCE at checkout.

I wanted to make the Discount Codes which are available for my subscription guidances here on the website more accessible to everyone. In addition, I have heard so many of you who wish to subscribe, but would feel more secure with a good yearly offer, rather than one which is deducted on a monthly basis. When you sign up to subscribe here, the next payment, whether it is next month, or next year, will always occur on the same date of the month as when you joined, and in the case of the yearly, the same month/date as when you joined.