Description of Readings

All readings are recorded and emailed directly to the email address provided by you.

Relationship Readings – $35.00USD

It is recommended to inquire as to a current or potential relationship in this type of reading. Examples would be love, business, family, and friends. Photos are encouraged, when available. Past relationships are better left there.

Beyond the Shift – $35.00USD

This is a smaller version of the reading shown below. It deals with the more immediate future and may not cover as many issues or details.

What Does the Universe Have in Store for You? $60.00USD

This reading lets in that which you need to know. Events, themes, behavioral patterns, children, spouses, coworkers, and many other things can come out here. So, if you do not wish to know about a certain area, (i. e., career), please make that clear.

All readings are payable through PayPal only. You will receive an acknowledgment email giving you the proper PayPal account.

Be prepared to message me on Facebook using the link provided in the acknowledgment email.  At that time, you will need to provide any necessary photos and information needed to complete your reading.


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