Venus in Leo

Leo energy is proud and confident, playful, and radiating warmth.  Under this transit, you will find people have a bit of a flair for the dramatic, and matters of the […]

Venus square North Node

Even though the North Node generally indicates a direction change, in this instance it can bring up relationship issues, especially if you have been more focused on your own self, […]

Mercury sextile Venus

This very social transit is one where you can let your hair down for a bit, and take time for yourself to just be. Some of this could depend on how relationships are going at the moment, so do read for other influences surrounding this aspect, for a clearer picture of things. Overall, however, things […]

New Moon 26° Gemini

This might be what you call a good news, bad news type of New Moon, but for the most part, it feels rather special. First the bad news - Neptune is in the mix, making some things confusing, and perhaps thwarting your plans to take action in a particular area, because you are not clear […]

Mercury sextile Mars

This personal-planet combination may be just what you need to get you going. It encompasses both mental and physical attributes, and when both the mind and body choose to cooperate, there is not much which you can not do. Mercury of course, is your thought and communication, and now it is clearer, and more purposeful, […]

Mars trine Chiron

Mars steps in to provide the necessary impetus to take action, where needed in order to heal a situation. Chiron has a way of bringing situations to you head-on, in order to be faced. This should prove to be a healing combination.

Mars square Uranus

This energy is best harnessed for good; suppressing it can have extreme results. It is meant to break out of the norm in a big way, so you need to […]

Venus trine Chiron

Be kind to yourself today, and do something special, just for you, in the area of self-care, self-love.  If Venus is love and money, and Chiron is healing, then ask what can you do for yourself to make you feel good about you.  Rather than picking apart your very being, and looking for flaws, spend […]

Venus square Uranus

This is a transit which could put any love relationships already on shaky ground to the test. There is a need here to break out, be daring, and try something, […]

Full Moon 11° Capricorn

A/K/A, the Full Buck Moon, this Full Moon will be sextile to Saturn, trine to Jupiter, opposing Mercury, trine to Uranus, sextile to Neptune, and conjunct Pluto. There is an overall pleasantness available here, but do expect the unexpected, and for things to run the gamut. Some relationships could prove to be testy, so if […]