Mercury Retrograde

Three or four times per year, Mercury retrogrades for a period of three and one-half weeks. Its appearance, as with any other retrograde planet, leads one to believe it is actually moving backward, and life itself often takes on the very same feel. It is possible to need to do things over, not once, but […]

Mercury (Retrograde) in Taurus

In Gemini, the mind is always going in different directions, however, in Taurus, the focus is much more singular, slower, and while retrograde, it could feel as though the gears have all but stopped. They have not, but they do demand your review of things, one at a time, and it could be in your […]

Mercury Direct in Taurus

After the scattered energy pulling you in all directions while in Gemini, retrograde Mercury re-enters Taurus and the pace slows a bit. Thoughts become more singularly focused, rather than being so scattered, and often incomplete, and now a more deliberate, perhaps one-thing-at-a-time approach will produce the greatest benefits, allowing you to see projects through to […]