Saturn sextile North Node

You can really benefit from this transit, provided you have not tried to cut corners in order to reach your goals. Saturn wants you to do the job right the first time, in a mature, adultlike fashion, and the rewards which Saturn provides for your best efforts, help to move you forward toward what you […]

Sun conjunct North Node

Even though this transit can appear as a crossroads for you, challenging you to make changes, you will possess the confidence, ability, and enthusiasm, to meet them head on in order to free yourself from repressive situations. Any such situations could present themselves at this time, forcing you to rise up and take charge, moving […]

Venus sextile North Node

When this transit occurs, it can bring with it, not just new directions, as the North Node does, but more pleasurable experiences. It is possible now to see improvement in […]

New Moon 28° Taurus

What a lovely New Moon! The Moon is exalted in Taurus, so this is always a special lunation. While in Taurus, the Moon will sextile Venus, conjunct Uranus, sextile Saturn and Mars. There is a pleasant, social feel with the possibility of some tender moments. You could find yourself, or someone else, acting out of […]

Mars square North Node

This is a transit concerning the direction which you are taking, and if you are not careful, you could end up on the wrong side of the equation. Mars’ energy needs an outlet, and without one, it can cause you to become highly disagreeable, and taking a stance which could prove harmful to both yourself […]

Jupiter conjunct North Node

The planet of expansion is aligning with the North Node in Taurus, setting a new course for adventures and possibilities.  People you encounter at this point in your life can be valuable connections, helping to steer you down paths to be explored. Jupiter's expansive properties, and the fated events brought by the North Node, will […]

Venus square North Node

Even though the North Node generally indicates a direction change, in this instance it can bring up relationship issues, especially if you have been more focused on your own self, […]

Sun sextile North Node

There are times when you require a little help and support along the way, and this is one of them. What you need you shall have, in the form of the right people being there to assist in ways which will help you achieve your next move. You can benefit from this transit in difficult […]

Mercury sextile North Node

When creating change, being clear on the proper action to take is of key importance. This transit will assist you with the necessary brainpower to form a proper plan for moving forward in order to achieve your hopes and dreams. Developing a sound strategy on how to go about things will definitely benefit you in […]

Mercury square North Node

This is the perfect time to put your mind to work for you, utilizing your intellect, and preparing to launch new things, or to take on new directions. Should you feel not everyone is on board with your plans and decisions, go find people who are supportive of your endeavors. Think of this as one […]