Sun sextile North Node

There are times when you require a little help and support along the way, and this is one of them. What you need you shall have, in the form of […]

Mercury sextile North Node

When creating change, being clear on the proper action to take is of key importance. This transit will assist you with the necessary brainpower to form a proper plan for […]

Mercury square North Node

This is the perfect time to put your mind to work for you, utilizing your intellect, and preparing to launch new things, or to take on new directions. Should you feel not everyone is on board with your plans and decisions, go find people who are supportive of your endeavors. Think of this as one […]

Mars trine North Node

This is a powerful transit, and if you have been looking for stamina, drive, and determination, courage even, to step up and get the job done, then this is your […]

Sun square North Node

Getting on a new path is not always easy, but there is no better time than the present.  Whether your direction is a forced one, or by your own choice, […]

Pluto square North Node

Do not let your past get in the way of your future with this one. Pluto can be a controlling, manipulative energy, and if things have not previously gone right, […]

Mercury trine North Node

Whether communication is part of your job, or you simply need to have an important conversation, this transit may be for you. The Universe is blessing you with the proper […]

Sun trine North Node

Opportunity awaits when the Sun trines the North Node, opening up a new direction for you, one which allows you to achieve a goal, or to manifest something positive.

Full Moon 6° Aries

The Full Moon which occurs closest to the Autumn/Spring Equinox is also known as the Harvest Moon.  Native Americans termed the September Full Moon the Corn Moon, so both names are applicable. It is the fourth and final, Supermoon of 2023. This is a somewhat testy Moon, and it will kick off an Eclipse season […]

Venus trine North Node

If you are looking for assistance to reach your goals, financially, or love-wise, then this is your transit. Venus wants you to have all of the nice things, those which bring you pleasure, and increase your self-worth and bottom line. There is a somewhat softer side here, and the gains do not come through aggression, […]