Sun in Taurus

Taurus energy is meant to slow you down after the scattered Aries ways which had you going strong in all directions at once. Now it is important to focus on one thing at a time, and give each project in its turn, the hard work and energy it deserves. Do not be fooled by what […]

Sun conjunct Uranus

Even with what appears to be an exciting, electrifying transit, there can always be a downside, as Uranus does not care how change takes place, and events which may force you to alter your plans, are merely a means to an end. However, for most, this can be an incredible breakout moment, one where you […]

Sun sextile Mars

When you are feeling good about yourself, you tend to be on top of your game. The Sun has a way of lifting you up, increasing your vitality, raising your […]

Sun conjunct North Node

Even though this transit can appear as a crossroads for you, challenging you to make changes, you will possess the confidence, ability, and enthusiasm, to meet them head on in order to free yourself from repressive situations. Any such situations could present themselves at this time, forcing you to rise up and take charge, moving […]

Sun square Saturn

Even though you are probably already aware of them, looming deadlines could really be stressing you out now. Responsibilities can seem to be more than overwhelming, perhaps even insurmountable. Saturn […]

Sun sextile Neptune

If your dreams are off the charts, or you simply have the feeling you should be paying attention, then do so. This powerhouse combination is serving up some very creative influences, not only through dreams, but psychic impressions as well. There is a sensitivity to this transit which can benefit humankind, at the very least […]

Sun trine Pluto

This transit is one of tremendous impact on your life, both personally and professionally. You can effect transformation, partially through what you remove from your path, and also the influence […]

Sun in Gemini

Unlike the transit of the Sun through Taurus, when in Gemini, the pace picks up, and there is a constant sense of busyness. It is not really at all about […]

Sun conjunct Mercury

Also known as a Mercury Cazimi (meaning in the heart of the Sun). Sun conjunct Mercury is the best possible aspect for communications and thinking.  Mentally, this can be a […]

Sun trine Saturn

If you have been putting in the work whenever Saturn challenges you to learn a lesson, then it could very well be time to reap the rewards. Not all Saturn […]