Mars in Taurus

In Taurus, Mars is considered to be in detriment, as Taurus is opposite Scorpio, one of the two signs ruled by the red planet. Mars in Taurus could have some proclaiming they are a lover, not a fighter, and after six weeks in Aries, a less combative energy is likely to be appreciated. The aggressor […]

Mars conjunct North Node

Fate steps in now, bringing new direction to at least one important relationship. Action at this time is a given, and it is backed up with power, courage, and determination to succeed.

Mars conjunct Uranus

These two coming together in this way provide quite a combustible energy, one which is designed to push you to break free from situations, and relationships, which have been holding you back from living your best life.  Risky business can be afoot here, so if you have a tendency to be extremely impulsive, take caution. […]