Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

It is a good idea to tie up any loose ends you may have been putting off, before this retrograde begins.  The possibility of increased difficulty exists, as Uranus may […]

Jupiter (Retrograde) in Pisces

Jupiter continues its retrograde and  takes one more dip back into the sign of Pisces, where it will go direct on November 23rd, at 28°. It will complete its Pisces […]

Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Mars only visits a sign about every two years, and normally stays for about six weeks. This particular transit will be a lengthy one, stretching from August 20, 2022 through […]

Mercury oppose North Node

It is possible to be totally on the right track with your thoughts, communication, and direction, but lacking in timing, which does not tend to bring the desired results. Having an idea you wish to share with the world can be exciting, but whether or not it is well-received remains to be seen. You could […]