Sun trine Saturn

If you have been putting in the work whenever Saturn challenges you to learn a lesson, then it could very well be time to reap the rewards. Not all Saturn […]

Venus trine Saturn

When Saturn gets involved, you are in it for the long haul.  Venus, of course, is all about love and money.  This is an aspect which will require a long-term […]

Sun trine Mars

Who has not felt better, confident, and full of life, when basking in the rays of the Sun?  When you combine the feelgood energy of the Sun  with Mars, planet […]

Venus trine Mars

This is a great aspect for going on that first date, giving you the opportunity to get to know the other individual, and to form some common ground.  You will […]

Mercury trine Saturn

If you have been trying to get into the right headspace to tackle something which really requires your undivided attention and focus to reach your goal, then this is your aspect. Saturn is serious about making the right decisions, especially those which can sustain you for the long term, so use this transit to really […]

Mercury trine Mars

Your neurotransmitters will be working overtime, when this powerful duo gets together to accelerate thought processes, and bolster communication.  You will speak more confidently and effectively, being greater able to […]

Venus trine Neptune

Heightened sensitivity in matters of love is possible now, if you can set aside any fantasizing about who/what the perfect love for you may be.  Neptune’s influence can cause one […]

Mercury trine Neptune

Let your imagination run wild today under this highly creative influence.  Artistic skills of all types are heightened now, as well as spiritual influences, including intuitional vibrations.  If you have […]

Sun trine Neptune

Your hopes and dreams become important to you under this aspect, with spiritual overtones guiding your every move, both in creative projects and relationships.  This can be a very social […]

Venus trine Jupiter

This is one of the most favorable transits, bringing an abundance of good cheer, optimism, love, and good fortune, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to […]