Venus trine Chiron

Be kind to yourself today, and do something special, just for you, in the area of self-care, self-love.  If Venus is love and money, and Chiron is healing, then ask what can you do for yourself to make you feel good about you.  Rather than picking apart your very being, and looking for flaws, spend […]

Mercury trine Saturn

If you have been trying to get into the right headspace to tackle something which really requires your undivided attention and focus to reach your goal, then this is your […]

Mercury trine Neptune

Let your imagination run wild today under this highly creative influence.  Artistic skills of all types are heightened now, as well as spiritual influences, including intuitional vibrations.  If you have a project with the most minute of details, this is not the time for it, as details tend to go by the wayside here, in […]

Mars trine North Node

This is a powerful transit, and if you have been looking for stamina, drive, and determination, courage even, to step up and get the job done, then this is your […]

Sun trine Neptune

Your hopes and dreams become important to you under this aspect, with spiritual overtones guiding your every move, both in creative projects and relationships.  This can be a very social […]

Mercury trine Chiron

What a wonderful aspect!  Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is currently in Aries for the long haul, and this area of your life is one which definitely needs to heal.  Words matter; they can unite and bring healing to the masses.  Thought and communication now can heal an area where there has been so much pain.

Mercury trine North Node

Whether communication is part of your job, or you simply need to have an important conversation, this transit may be for you. The Universe is blessing you with the proper […]

Mars trine Jupiter

This aspect is just what you need to have that mental edge necessary to go forth with your plans, and being willing to take risks, in order to be successful. […]

Mercury trine Jupiter

Good news!  Positive news!  There is an abundance of optimism here, in both thought and communication.  If long-distance travel is on your agenda, it is currently favored, and you will […]

Sun trine Chiron

Let the healing begin!  Where the Sun shines, it brings favor, and in this case, some much-needed healing.  This may be long overdue, and some of the scars which need […]