Venus in Virgo

The more practical side of Venus comes through here, craving order, not just in one’s love life, but financially as well.  Venus is said to be in its fall position […]

Venus square Mars

Relationships can be fraught with sexual tension now. There tends to be a buildup of anger, frustration, and resentment, resulting in ego clashes, spoken words which can not be taken back, and extremely impulsive, aggressive behavior. A good relationship can manage to survive this transit, and increased sexual activity is more likely. Those on shaky […]

Venus trine North Node

If you are looking for assistance to reach your goals, financially, or love-wise, then this is your transit. Venus wants you to have all of the nice things, those which bring you pleasure, and increase your self-worth and bottom line. There is a somewhat softer side here, and the gains do not come through aggression, […]