Venus sextile Uranus

The shyest of the shy can come out of their shell during this transit, and everyone has more of a tendency to be lighthearted, spontaneous, and fun-seeking.  To what lengths will you go to gain attention? This is a great time to meet new people, but do not expect in most instances for any love […]

Venus sextile Mars

This is not a frequent transit, however, it is one of which you may wish to take advantage.  If romance is what you have been craving, this is a social aspect which will have you looking and feeling good about yourself.  Remember, one you feel good and confident due to Venus, Mars can step in […]

Venus trine Neptune

Heightened sensitivity in matters of love is possible now, if you can set aside any fantasizing about who/what the perfect love for you may be.  Neptune’s influence can cause one to don the rose-colored glasses, which can be known to skew the truth of things.  Often it is possible to believe that everyone you encounter […]

Mars square Saturn

This is not an easy one, because these are two very conflicting energies. Mars is known to be your passion and drive, your energy to achieve and pursue your goals, […]

Sun trine Chiron

Let the healing begin!  Where the Sun shines, it brings favor, and in this case, some much-needed healing.  This may be long overdue, and some of the scars which need healing may run very deep.  Finally, energy which allows you to creatively explore the means to melt those scars away.

Venus oppose Pluto

Obsessions in relationships can become very pronounced during this transit.  Jealous tendencies may be exhibited, much to one’s detriment, as the need to control, and perhaps even isolate another, in […]

Sun square North Node

Getting on a new path is not always easy, but there is no better time than the present.  Whether your direction is a forced one, or by your own choice, […]

Sun square Uranus

When life needs change, Uranus steps in and shakes things up, whether you like it or not. Events can be unpredictable, and everyone's behavior can be erratic. There is no form of predictive science available here, as routines may not work, and circumstances can suddenly change, coming out of left field, and maybe blindsiding you. […]

Mars sextile Neptune

Mars sextile Neptune can be a wonderfully healing and spiritual energy, as Mars is desire and passion, and Neptune provides a more softer side to people. You could take up the cause of another, as in an underdog, to help them overcome any injustice they have incurred. Additional Dates for Mars sextile Neptune: February 7, […]

Full Moon 19° Aquarius

Also known as the Sturgeon Moon, this year's Aquarius Full Moon will pack quite the punch. It is not a Supermoon; those are done for 2022. The Moon and the Sun will both be square Uranus, currently sitting at 18° Taurus (It will remain at this degree until October 13), as it prepares to retrograde […]