Full Moon 19° Aquarius

Also known as the Sturgeon Moon, this year's Aquarius Full Moon will pack quite the punch. It is not a Supermoon; those are done for 2022. The Moon and the Sun will both be square Uranus, currently sitting at 18° Taurus (It will remain at this degree until October 13), as it prepares to retrograde […]

Sun oppose Saturn

The good-natured Sun is in conflict with restrictive Saturn, and Saturn is the one wielding the upper hand. Whether you are simply feeling bad about things, due to undermined confidence, or find yourself with situations being imposed by authority figures which are not to your liking, this one can be difficult. Taking a mature, responsible […]

Mars trine Pluto

Mars and Pluto come together so nicely, sparking your passion, and increasing your drive, all in such a way that you can transform an area of your life, if you so desire. Mars is assertive and action driven, while Pluto supplies the passion and transformation. This is a winning combination, and not likely one to […]

Mercury trine North Node

Whether communication is part of your job, or you simply need to have an important conversation, this transit may be for you. The Universe is blessing you with the proper […]

Mercury trine Uranus

Out-of-the-blue good news is possible here, but whatever happens, it will not be typical in nature.  Thoughts and communication border on the eccentric side, and you could encounter an interesting character, or even two, now, who pique your interest, and perhaps hold your attention for a little bit.  You may wish to keep a pen […]

Venus trine Jupiter

This is one of the most favorable transits, bringing an abundance of good cheer, optimism, love, and good fortune, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to […]

Mercury oppose Neptune

This one can cause some problems, especially within close relationships.  Perceptions of both thought and word can become distorted now, which is the stuff of which huge misunderstandings are often […]

Mercury trine Pluto

Whichever end of this transit you find yourself on, it can leave a huge impact on your life. Conversations, meaningful ones, can bring more than transformation, they can help you achieve something which you desire. There may be some smooth talkers out there, the type who seemingly know what you are thinking, and how to […]

Venus trine Chiron

Be kind to yourself today, and do something special, just for you, in the area of self-care, self-love.  If Venus is love and money, and Chiron is healing, then ask […]

Venus square North Node

Even though the North Node generally indicates a direction change, in this instance it can bring up relationship issues, especially if you have been more focused on your own self, rather than tending to the balance in your relationships. There is certainly nothing wrong with looking out for yourself, but you may need to assess […]