Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Neptune, currently at home in Pisces, spends about 14 years in each sign, and retrogrades each year for approximately five months at a time.  When it comes to illusion, Neptune […]

Chiron Retrograde

While Chiron is only a comet, it does receive a great deal of attention, including during its retrograde period.  Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer, and that healing can […]

Venus in Scorpio

In Scorpio, Venus is in its sign of detriment, or its fall position, being opposite its home in the sign of Taurus.  Relationship and money matters may not go as […]

Sun in Scorpio

When the Sun arrives in intense Scorpio, it leaves behind the hesitance of Libra, who always weighs everything. There is no gray, only black and white.  Scorpio is an extreme […]

Jupiter (Retrograde) in Pisces

Jupiter continues its retrograde and  takes one more dip back into the sign of Pisces, where it will go direct on November 23rd, at 28°. It will complete its Pisces transit on December 20, not to return here for another twelve years, on April 14, 2033. Something about this brief transit in the final two […]

Mercury in Scorpio

A direct Mercury makes its way into intense Scorpio.   The intensity can be felt in passionate conversation, with the need to get to the truth, or to speak the truth, […]

Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Mars only visits a sign about every two years, and normally stays for about six weeks. This particular transit will be a lengthy one, stretching from August 20, 2022 through […]

Sun oppose Uranus

Expect the unexpected today, and in the couple of days leading up to this aspect.  It will subside after the fact, but this is the type of energy you can feel, in an electrifying kind of way.  You may find you feel extremely nervous, and Uranus has a way of shaking things up, and it […]