New Moon 23° Leo

This New Moon will be as fierce as the lion which represents it, being challenged by a stationing Uranus, but also receiving support from Mars and Pluto, who will aid in softening the blow, perhaps smoothing over some rough waters. It will occur between two major aspects, both involving Uranus, the first being Sun square […]

Mars in Libra

Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio, and is considered to be in detriment in the sign of Libra, since it is the sign opposing Aries. Emphasis at this time is […]

Full Moon 7° Pisces

This is the second Full Moon of August, 2023, also known as a Blue Moon. Some might also term this Moon a Fruit Moon or Barley Moon, given its timing. […]

New Moon 21° Virgo

Could this possibly turn out to be one of your favorite New Moons of the year? It will be trine to Jupiter and Uranus, both currently retrograde and in Taurus. Generally, people tend to be a bit cranky when triggered by a New Moon, but this one will find many to be in a much […]

Sun in Libra

The Sun enters Libra at the time of the Autumn/Spring Equinox.  This is a rather social atmosphere, lending itself to partnerships, relationships, marriage, negotiations and contracts, and seeking to find […]

Mars oppose Chiron

Finding balance between assertion and healing is key now, both for yourself, and in your relationships.

Full Moon 6° Aries

The Full Moon which occurs closest to the Autumn/Spring Equinox is also known as the Harvest Moon.  Native Americans termed the September Full Moon the Corn Moon, so both names are applicable. It is the fourth and final, Supermoon of 2023. This is a somewhat testy Moon, and it will kick off an Eclipse season […]

Mars oppose North Node

Mars deals with energy, passion, aggression, and courage, and how you express these at this time could cause more harm than good. Everyone wants to see their agenda in place, and this creates conflict as to the course of direction.

Mercury in Libra

In Libra, it is not the time to go things alone.  Partnering will produce greater results, if you really want your message to be heard.  Libra demands, not only balance and justice, but fairness and equality.  There will be more attempts at conversation which serves to smooth things over, perhaps even reaching a compromise.  It […]

Mars square Pluto

Power and domination rule the day here, and knowing your role in all of it could prove to be to your benefit. There are power struggles, indicating those in power […]