Mercury trine Uranus

Out-of-the-blue good news is possible here, but whatever happens, it will not be typical in nature.  Thoughts and communication border on the eccentric side, and you could encounter an interesting character, or even two, now, who pique your interest, and perhaps hold your attention for a little bit.  You may wish to keep a pen […]

Mercury sextile Neptune

Allow your words to be ones of healing now. Kindness, compassion, and spirituality, rule the day, and the social nature of this transit will make for some pleasant interactions. However, […]

Mercury conjunct Pluto

This is a rather probing transit, giving you the opportunity to dive below the surface of any issue, delving deeper for the truth, instead of relying on superficial appearances.  It is a time for uncovering secrets, and, just as there are those who seek to get to the bottom of things, and to discover the […]

Mercury square North Node

This is the perfect time to put your mind to work for you, utilizing your intellect, and preparing to launch new things, or to take on new directions. Should you feel not everyone is on board with your plans and decisions, go find people who are supportive of your endeavors. Think of this as one […]

Mercury sextile Jupiter

This may very well be Mercury at its finest, working for you, to improve the quality of your life. It is a very social transit, and you can benefit greatly from associations made at this time. Jupiter will see to that. Normally, posts such as this come with warnings not to sign any important papers, […]

Mercury sextile Chiron

This aspect can be put to its best use by bringing great minds together to work on solutions, whether it is within a think tank, or brainstorming within your group of family, friends, or associates.  While Chiron is the healer, Mercury is the thinker and communicator, showing that this is a time where great ideas […]

Mercury square Uranus

When these two face off, things may not always go according to plan. It would be wise to postpone important conversations, or document signing and preparation, in case of distractions. […]

Mercury trine Mars

Your neurotransmitters will be working overtime, when this powerful duo gets together to accelerate thought processes, and bolster communication.  You will speak more confidently and effectively, being greater able to relay your thoughts to all.  Rather than decisions being labeled either hasty, or as indecisive, you will know what it is you want to do, […]

Mercury conjunct Saturn

No matter what else is going on in the cosmos, Saturn has a way of putting a damper on things, if you let it. Saturn wants you to be serious, and depending on other energies surrounding you at the same time, this could feel a bit heavy. Allow yourself to consider what needs to be […]