New Moon 0° Aries

While this New Moon is neither a Supermoon, or an Eclipse, it is about as over-the-top as one can possibly be. It occurs at 0° Aries, and on its own, the 0° is known as the Aries degree, so this one packs a double dose of incredibly fresh starts and new beginnings. Take note, before […]

Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto is the slowest moving of all the planets, taking approximately 248 years to makes its way through all of the astrological signs. The length of a Pluto transit can […]

Mars trine Saturn

Mars provides the passion, courage, and the necessary drive, in order to get the job done, while Saturn brings the discipline necessary to complete a difficult task. Saturn wants to help you to put positive influences into place in your life for the long term, and to do them in a manner which is not […]

Venus sextile Neptune

You can take advantage of this transit if you have been dating, or are in a romantic relationship, it could take on a more passionate nature now. Entering the dating […]

Saturn sextile North Node

You can really benefit from this transit, provided you have not tried to cut corners in order to reach your goals. Saturn wants you to do the job right the first time, in a mature, adultlike fashion, and the rewards which Saturn provides for your best efforts, help to move you forward toward what you […]

Venus square Saturn

Love and money can both take a hit under this transit, and aware of it or not, it could prove to be quite stressful for some. Venus wants you to have everything your little heart desires, but Saturn loves to inflict lessons, bringing on feelings of sadness, depression, and generally feeling less than worthy. This […]

Sun sextile Saturn

Normally, when you hear Saturn, you probably want to run the other way. In this case, you can embrace all this sextile has to offer. If your work ethic has been suffering in any way, or you simply feel you can not reach your goals, because the things you need to do are too hard, […]

Venus square Neptune

If you ever find yourself feeling prone to self-esteem issues, unhappy when you glance while passing a mirror, then chin up during this aspect.  Neptune can have a way of […]