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Full Moon 9° Aquarius

August 1 @ 2:31 pm

This Full Moon is also known as the Super Sturgeon Moon, as it will be a Supermoon, adding to its intensity and power. It is the first of two Full Moons to occur in August, 2023.  The Full Moon will square Jupiter and Uranus, and oppose Venus. It is possible to get into trouble, in more ways than one. There could be a tendency to overindulge in anything where excess would be to your detriment. The best plan for the day would be to have none at all. If you can clear your schedule beforehand, you will be ahead of the game. People will be moody, antsy, and unpredictable, and matters around the home, if provoked, could cause flareups. Relationships might not fare well under this cranky lunation, and funds could be a little tight at this time. The saving grace is an aspect, also happening on this day, Mars trine Jupiter, giving you the impetus to go after what you want, while feeling good about yourself. You can listen to my Full Aquarius Moon Tarot Guidance here on my website, on the Patreon app, or by joining my YouTube channel.  Read below to see what this Full Moon means for your sign:

Aries – Your ability to help others in some way, no matter how big or how small, is something which could be your focus with this Full Moon. You might choose to somehow pay it forward, or put your efforts toward a humanitarian group or event, such as volunteering at a shelter or food bank. Perhaps the help you give is more private, but this is a time which you will be aware of the needs of others.

Taurus – You could find yourself in the spotlight during the Full Moon, and your career is possibly the reason for it. Whatever comes up for you during this time, it is important for you to handle it without drama, so being at your best will bode well for you.

Gemini – Even you know all work and no play is not a good thing. You could be craving adventure, and might be a bit more daring than usual. Go ahead and go for it. Spiritual matters of some sort could also need your attention right now, for even the most spiritual among us has moments of doubt.

Cancer – Balance is a very big part of this Full Moon for you, especially within your most intimate relationships. The need to write a large check probably will not sit well with you, but chances are, you would already be aware of it.

Leo – There is likely at least one relationship which will require your attention. It is possible for the need of compromise and negotiation, with a current partner, love or business, or even an ex-partner who is testing your patience.

Virgo – This is your best moment to ditch a bad habit which you feel is holding you back from being your best self. Whether you wish to take the necessary steps toward better health, through dietary changes and exercise, or to create more efficient routines surrounding your work, so you are more efficient, with less clutter, this is your Full Moon. You just need to decide you have had enough.

Libra – The last thing you probably feel like doing right now is applying yourself to your projects. A little fun could be on your mind, after having been serious for far too long. Creative endeavors are favored at this full Moon, and you can derive great pleasure from creating something wonderful. If you have children, it is possible the Full Moon will demand your attention regarding at least one of them. Romance is a distinct possibility for some, and you might wish to express your love to another.

Scorpio – Think of this as your 2 of Pentacles moment. If you have been focusing too much in any one direction, such as your work, you will find you need to begin paying attention to home and family matters. Striving for this type of balance is not always easy, but when things become unbalanced, a Full Moon can tend to bring it front and center, demanding you deal with it.

Sagittarius – The energy surrounding the Full Moon is energy which probably will not leave you with time for any fun, but it will encourage you to take care of the types of things which fall under the category of adulting. It is important to remember life requires balance, so if you have been ignoring responsibilities and errands, they will likely become a priority now.

Capricorn – Should you be in any type of relationship, personal or business, the give and take might not seem equal right now. The question could be which side of the equation you are on, and what you intend to do to rectify the situation. This particular area often has you asking yourself what you need to feel good, and how can you go about having it, without hurting the other party.

Aquarius – If you are already prone to emotions during a Full Moon, then you will want to allow yourself the time to deal with them during this Full Moon in your own sign. You could be feeling some sort of lack, or a “woe is me”, when it comes to any area of your life where you do not feel fulfilled. A little self-care can go a long way, and taking the time to do something special for yourself could be exactly what you need.

Pisces – This Full Moon is probably one of the least comfortable for you. The energy has a way of going against who you are as an individual, your need to partner, and could have you feeling as though peopling is not something you can do at the moment. Taking time out for yourself to recharge could have its benefits, especially when it comes to your health.

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