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Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 25° Scorpio

May 16, 2022 @ 12:14 am

Full Moon blessings! This lunation has a long list of labels attached to it, being known as the Flower Moon, it is also going to be a Blood Moon, due to the Total Lunar Eclipse which occurs, and not to be outdone by other eclipses, this one is also a Supermoon. Think back to the following dates: May 16, 2003, May 4, 2004, and April 24, 2005, and you will have an idea of the types of themes which will occur for you at this Eclipse. Currently, the South Node is in Scorpio, the place where it was during the three previous mentioned eclipses. Of the three, the first two were, like the one happening now, Total Lunar Eclipses. These moments in your life are quite powerful ones, and being in the intense sign of Scorpio, you will no doubt find yourself closing a rather heavy door to your past. The Full Moon will sextile Pluto, and many things can come rushing to the surface, in the form of emotions, and deeply-buried truths. Once that flood gate opens, it is unlikely anyone will hold back from speaking their mind. Do be certain to also read for the aspects of May 15, Venus conjunct Chiron, Sun square Saturn, Sun sextile Neptune, as there will be a great deal going on at the time of this Eclipse. Scorpio energy is all about death and rebirth, so it is very possible to feel one kind of way, or have certain situations, up until the time of the Eclipse, then after, you may feel as though a switch was flipped in your life. Also, have a listen to my Full Moon Tarot Guidance for this Scorpio Eclipse, available here on my website, Patreon, YouTube, and on Facebook.  Read below to see what this Full Blood Moon means for your sign:

Aries – Relationships of all types are a major part of eclipse events, and in this case, you will find yourself concerned with the proper balance, as in the give and take, in at least one of them. There could be a large sum of money due at this time, and you may even be aware of it, but this will not change the size of the check being written.

Taurus – Your closest relationships are under intense scrutiny now, especially those with females since this is a Lunar Eclipse. It could be a marriage partner, a significant other, or even a business partner, but whatever is decided here shall become permanent. Think carefully as you negotiate for what you want from a relationship, and know compromise may be necessary, but there is also the possibility you will walk away for good.

Gemini – Given the intensity and nature of this eclipse, if you have a habit you have been unable to break, push may come to shove now, and you could find yourself with no choice. At the center of all of this is your health, and if you have not been mindful of a healthy diet and exercise routine, this Full Moon may demand your attention in this area. Also, a focus toward work routines is necessary now.

Cancer – You may be hoping to have a bit of fun during this time, but will you be able to, seems to be the question. There is a huge culmination looming on immediate horizon, and you may need to finish up something before the fun can begin. Romance can take center stage now, and if it is not working, you will be saying “I’m out of here!”. It is time to put the past behind you and move on toward new things. Your children could require your attention at this Full Moon.

Leo – Home life demands your attention now, and if you have been busy at work, and in any way neglecting home and family matters, you will be required to stop and balance your time between the two. Considering the intensity of this eclipse, ignoring duties and obligations at home can have permanent, unwanted results. You have an opportunity here to fix things, if you wish to do so.

Virgo – The party is over, and it is time to get back to real life, however boring it may seem at times. Important matters needing your attention are coming due now, and catching up before any fun is to be had appears to be a priority. Take care of paperwork and errands, and give a thorough review to any documents which require your signature.

Libra – This would be a good time to review your finances, and to go over your budget, for while you may have the desire to treat yourself to something extra nice, Mercury is retrograde, and you need to make certain you have enough in case somehow a stream of income were to be eclipsed.

Scorpio – This is probably not an easy time for you, and you could be looking for someone to take up your cause, and pay you some attention. There is a definite ending here, and the culmination of something important in your life is at hand. The time has come to permanently close the door, and to move into the next phase, as you put this area in your past, and proceed to create new relationships. There is a somewhat massive feel to this eclipse, and your personal chart will show how much you are affected by this one, or whether it will be the next.

Sagittarius – Some alone time would more than do you good now, and you may even crave it. Be mindful of your health, and make certain you are getting enough rest. It could just be you have been very busy lately, but now it is time to stop, and to take some time for you.

Capricorn – Full Moons have a way of creating demands on you, and in this instance it could feel a bit scattered, as in everyone seems to want a piece of you. If you were hoping for alone time, or a little one-on-one with your significant other, it will probably not happen. Whether it is friends, family, or work acquaintances, others will need you. It could be incumbent upon you to play the Good Samaritan now.

Aquarius – All eyes could be upon you now, and you need to be aware of how you present yourself. Bad behavior will not be tolerated, so any displays of drama will not go over well. Show them you are able to perform well, even under pressure, without a moment’s notice, and you will be fine. New options could present themselves now, and others could be looking toward you to step up and lead the way.

Pisces – Events taking place at this time could leave you questioning your faith. Your spirituality is at the very core of all you do, and you could find you have an overwhelming desire to strike out on a brand new adventure. Will this prompt you to eclipse something from your life which you feel is holding you back?


May 16, 2022
12:14 am
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