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Jupiter (Retrograde) in Pisces

October 28, 2022 @ 1:10 am - December 20, 2022 @ 10:32 am

Jupiter continues its retrograde and  takes one more dip back into the sign of Pisces, where it will go direct on November 23rd, at 28°. It will complete its Pisces transit on December 20, not to return here for another twelve years, on April 14, 2033. Something about this brief transit in the final two degrees of Pisces feels very potent, especially around the time of the direct station, and you will want to take advantage of whatever is on offer. Jupiter, after all, is the giver of gifts and good luck. Read below to see how this powerful transit affects your sign:

Aries – You might think this energy for Jupiter does not have as much to offer you, but you would be wrong. After all, if Jupiter is going to visit your sign next, would you not want to be ready? This is the perfect opportunity to do your research. If you have set the bar high for your goals, and the changes which you wish to incorporate into your life, you would do well to take this time to fine-tune your spirituality, bringing yourself, your ideals, in line, clearing away the “junk” in your life, which you feel holds you back from being your best self, so as to be more than ready during the next transit of Jupiter. The world does not need to see yet what it is you are creating. Keeping things under wraps for a bit will definitely work to your advantage, and the time for sharing with everyone will be here before you know it. This is a more sensitive transit for you, and you will find yourself displaying your softer side, being more compassionate, caring, and empathetic toward the needs of others.

Taurus – If you have not already set some lofty goals for yourself, now would be the time to do so. This is a tremendous transit for you, putting you in a position to hobnob with those who can help you to bring those goals to fruition. Networking is the name of the game, and it should come easier during this Jupiter placement, helping you to meet influential individuals who can fast track your career success. Do you have any special interests, or humanitarian causes dear to you? Now is the time to affiliate with groups who share the same interests as you, and you will find you benefit greatly from these types of group associations. You could even decide to form some type of group of your own, one which reflects your goals, hopes, and dreams, and lead it successfully, while reaping the rewards of knowing the good work you have done for others. There are many ways which you can be involved, whether it is giving of your time at the local food bank, or starting a special collection in your neighborhood, with any material, or monetary, donations collected, to be given to those in need.

Gemini – What a great place to have Jupiter working for you! Your career stands to benefit from Jupiter’s expansive, gift-giving properties. It will strive to bring you professional opportunities, connect you with just the right people, and help to draw attention to what a great job you are doing. Recognition comes, not only from peers, but higher-ups as well. Your status can be elevated now, even to achieve some form of stardom, for those favorably aspected. The spotlight will be on you, promoting your achievements, and bringing you front and center for all to see. Be certain to put your best foot forward at this time. Headhunters, talent scouts, and project managers, will all want to recruit you, and whatever options come your way, they will be sure to expand your profile in your field. You never know who you might meet during this awesome transit, and how meeting them will affect you reaching your career goals.

Cancer – Whistle while you work, and others will think you have not a care in the world. You could find yourself to be full of optimism and brimming with confidence, putting a spring in your step, and a song in your heart. Go forth and spread the joy! This is the perfect time to plan a trip abroad, or to a distant location on your bucket list. If you have been wanting to learn new things, in order to expand your skill set, and to enhance your resume, let Jupiter help you. The planet of expansion can help you to absorb more knowledge and skills, setting you apart from others in your field. Those who have been sitting on a manuscript, not sure if they should submit it to be published, do it! This very academic transit favors publishing, and you could perhaps even ace a lucrative deal. Who knows, you might even begin to sleep better at night, because your mind will stop picking on all of the little details.

Leo – If you have desired total transformation in your life, the potential available to you here could leave you bursting at the seems. Some old ways might need to die off, and to be shed, in order to rise up anew, but the rebirth is ever-so-beautiful. Perhaps you are working on a special project, as in when a movie producer needs funding for a new movie. The right people will come into your world, and you will have the backing you need to help you get to launch. If you are in a relationship with significant other, you could benefit from their good fortune, such as a raise, promotion, or new job. An inheritance might turn up, whether unexpected, or being larger than you anticipated. An interest to know everything there is about something, or someone, can leave you with an insatiable desire to discover and uncover all you possibly can on the subject. Sizeable insurance payouts fall under this transit, and all areas which are not your own personal earned income, show the possibility of financial increase.

Virgo – Did someone say marriage? It does not necessarily need to be of the love variety, but when taken into account with other planetary influences, you will find this to be the perfect transit during which you should marry. Partnering is a thing, and striving for an equal, fair, balanced relationship, can help you in both love and business. If you have been hoping to negotiate for better terms to any type of contract, again, check out surrounding aspects, and go for it at the opportune moment. Occasionally, a partnership could end, but keep a weather eye, because the Universe is looking to fill the gap with a more suitable partner. New relationships entered during this time, barring any outside negative influences, can be fulfilling, beneficial, and empowering; you just need to pay attention to what is being sent your way.

Libra – Everyone has room for self-improvement, and if you have been wanting to step up your game at the gym, or in how you conduct business, this is the perfect time. It will be easier to incorporate new routines in your diet and exercise regimens, when Jupiter helps you to expand your options. The same is true of your work routines, and it is now possible to take on more responsibility, but with greater efficiency. Taking the time to look around and declutter your life and environment will bring tremendous benefits to both areas. When you are looking good, feeling good, and not surrounded by a chaotic atmosphere, life has a tendency to run much more smoothly. If you are seeking new employment, now would be when you should be looking. Jupiter is the King when it comes to opening things up and providing possibilities. Locking yourself away will not be in your best interest. Rather, be out and about, for you never know who you might meet.

Scorpio – If you have been looking for true love, your chances of finding it are highly favored now. Romance, even in existing relationships, is amped up, letting you build even stronger bonds in your love relationships. These are not the only relationships which benefit from this transit, with your children, and matters of babies coming front and center, there is certain to be a positive ambience, with some memory-making moments. If there has been a thought rolling around in the back of your mind for some time, looking for a viable outlet, so as to be created, this is time to be creating it. Your creative abilities could not be stronger, and it is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination soar. You can definitely have your fair share of fun, however, do not let it interfere with everything you wish to create. If you are prone to gambling, seek help, but if not normally a risk-taker, you could benefit from Jupiter’s influence by speculating on the stock market, or something else you would deem to be risky.

Sagittarius – Even in a poor housing market, you are favored during this time, should you desire to buy or sell a property. Matters around home and family will be of importance to you, as you strive to create a more secure environment. Remodeling the home, or any other type of home improvements, will have increased benefits, not just in terms of security, but also with regard to value. Jupiter loves to expand everything it touches, so seeing your family grow while this transit is in play, is entirely possible. Whether there is a new baby, someone marries into the family, you find a long-lost relative through an ancestral site, or you move in with your significant other, you can expect to see it grow. The rarer person will be the one who finds themselves to be a beneficiary to a large insurance policy, or even benefiting from an inheritance of unexpected proportions.

Capricorn – An expansion of knowledge awaits you during this cycle. Trivial matters and idle gossip will not serve you well; you would rather breathe in information of value, and exhale your thoughts on the subject. It is a perfect time to be either a teacher or a student. Education and higher learning can be true priorities, and the opportunity for them will be available to you. Short-distance travel, and taking on new forms of transportation, including the purchase of a new vehicle are possible now. You can expect more interaction with siblings, and even with neighbors. There could be a new neighbor in your midst who turns out to be a valuable connection for you down the line. Business and school life are favored, and the atmosphere is a very social, communicative one.

Aquarius – Consider this to be an excellent time to focus on increasing your bottom line, and let Jupiter help you to expand your bank account. However you might benefit financially, Jupiter will see to it there is more, perhaps do to an influx of new clients, a raise, more jobs coming your way, or any multitude of possibilities which can increase your income. Take caution not to become too comfortable with any financial windfalls, because it can very easily become easy come – easy go. This transit can bring you not only the comforts you desire, but an incredible feeling of self-wroth. Abundance is yours for the asking, and it is a good time to seek out any type of loan or money increase which would benefit you. It can be a most enjoyable time, so long as you do not spend all of your money due to your need to feel good.

Pisces – This is a very optimistic time for you, as Jupiter works to expand your good fortune. You should be feeling much better overall, and others will likely notice it in your behavior. Jupiter’s expansive properties bring the right people to you, and you will see in the long run, how even seemingly chance encounters, can, over time, produce fruitful connections. Your attitude is more of a Can-Do one now, and things do not seem so difficult or impossible. You could be more open to travel to far away destinations, if there are supporting aspects. This is such a positive transit, with its only real downfall being you could overindulge and need to let out your belt a few notches. Guard against any grandiose behavior which could be off-putting to others.


October 28, 2022 @ 1:10 am
December 20, 2022 @ 10:32 am
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