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Mars in Aries

May 24 @ 7:17 pm - July 5 @ 2:04 am

Welcome home! Mars only visits a sign every two years, so making it home to Aries is a big deal for this personal planet. It is the planet of action and energy, and now being in domicile, it will provide the turboboost you have been needing to really kick your butt into gear. Determination and courage are much stronger now, however so is aggression, and this is an energy which requires a positive, productive outlet. In Aries, Mars tends to speak first, then think later, often lashing out and being very blunt. It is much easier under Mars’ influence to step up to the plate and take the lead. Motivation peaks, and you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish, especially if you know how to best harness this energy for yourself. Read below to see what Mars in Aries means for your sign:

Aries – This is your moment to step up and go for what you want. Do be mindful this energy can become bossy and pushy, so do your best to wield it wisely. Your motivation should be running at peak performance, and even your physical stamina should feel improved.

Taurus – As you wait your turn, utilize Mars to prepare for what you will do when it arrives in your sign. Give some thought to the goals you wish to achieve, and take any necessary steps to fully research your plans before putting them into action.

Gemini – This is much more a group-related energy for you, as opposed to dealing with people one-on-one. There will be a tendency to want to take the lead, which is fine, but do not do it in such a dominant way where it only serves to alienate rather than to produce followers.

Cancer – Your career may be on your mind now, and it is the perfect opportunity to step up and be noticed. A home-based business begun now would be favored. Take this ambitious energy and use it for good, otherwise it can create conflict, especially with those in power.

Leo – Cue a little ‘Born to be Wild’, and get your motor running, and get out on the highway! This Mars placement can really have you itching for adventure, and you will want to see and do it all. Do not allow yourself to engage in potentially conflicting conversations, as in those of a political nature.

Virgo – Passions run high, and egos can clash, especially over jointly-held finances and possessions. It is important to understand your place, as well as that of others, in the scheme of things. No man is an island.

Libra – You are no stranger to topics such as arbitration and mediation, and you could find it necessary to put these skills to work during this transit. Your one-on-one relationships could require your attention, satisfying egos, and reaching resolution.

Scorpio – Mars turns your pilot light up a few notches, providing much-needed energy to be used even for the most routine of tasks. This is an excellent time to take necessary steps to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself. Let your projects help you to let off the Mars steam.

Sagittarius – This could feel like play time, and spending it with your children, or a romantic partner can be satisfying. There is a tendency here to be and to take on too much, and the possibility of going overboard with risky ventures.

Capricorn – If your home is in need of a remodel, this is the ideal energy to pour yourself passionately into the project. Expect this to be a busy time involving home and family. However, take care not to become too dominant over others.

Aquarius – This can be a very busy time, and the energy rather scattered. You may feel what you have to say is more influential now, and it is easier to convince others of your ideas. Be careful to avoid arguments.

Pisces – Finances can come front and center, particularly taking steps to increase your bottom line. This is an ideal time for launching new projects which could bring you additional income. The only drawback to this transit is it can be quite costly as your expenditures may be running higher than usual.


May 24 @ 7:17 pm
July 5 @ 2:04 am
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