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New Moon 9° Gemini

May 30 @ 7:30 am

Although the New Moon occurs on May 30, the Moon will enter Gemini on the 29th, after which, it will make two aspects, a sextile with Jupiter, and a sextile with Mars. It does not make any aspects the day of, however, the following day, on the 31st, the Moon will square Neptune and trine Saturn. Overall, this brings a very social vibe, an optimistic outlook, and increased passion. You could meet people who will wield a positive influence in your life. This is a great time to market yourself, as you will be viewed in a popular fashion. If anything feels confusing to you, then it probably is, and important decisions should be delayed until the confusion passes. Stick with common sense when it comes to figuring things out around home and family. In addition, do read for Mars conjunct Jupiter, as it may very well be your driving force at this New Moon. You have the energy of the Universe behind you to go after whatever you desire. This brings an end to the first Eclipse season of 2022, and there are only a few days remaining of the Mercury retrograde. From this point forward, you should really begin to feel you can make huge strides toward your goals. Venus, Mars, Neptune, and even Jupiter, are all considered to be in home territory right now, so you really have some well-placed energies to assist you in pushing forward toward success.  My Gemini New Moon Tarot Guidance will be available here on my website, on the Patreon app, on Facebook, and on YouTube. Read below to see what this New Moon means for your sign:

Aries – This could be a very busy New Moon for you, drawing your attention to things you may have been putting off, in order to partake in more fun activities. It can still be a social time, but one which likely keeps you closer to home. Important documents may require your attention, and since Mercury is retrograde, you will need to review anything carefully before signing.

Taurus – Perhaps you are able to delight in the senses, appreciating the beauty in all which surrounds you. This is a great time to make fresh starts, in order to feel you are living up to your potential and worthiness. Finances could be front and center, and the timing for finding new ways to create additional income has arrived.

Gemini – It is time to put your best foot forward, and to consider a personal makeover, one which will leave you feeling good about yourself, and how you feel others perceive you. Go with whatever springs to mind, as often impulsive moves can lead to unexpected opportunities. Allow yourself to blossom and grow, and begin new things which will lead to the manifestation of your goals.

Cancer – You may be gearing up to do something big, but this is not the time. It is best spent researching, and preparing, as you plan and strategize what your important moves will be. This is not a do-nothing energy, but in taking the time to go within, you are much more ready when the New Moon arrives in your sign four weeks from now.

Leo – You will enjoy this New Moon immensely, and it will serve you best by being out and about, socializing and making new contacts. Networking is the name of the game, and being a team player, as opposed to being the center of attention, will garner you a great deal of success down the line. You could find yourself in a position of service to others who need your help.

Virgo – This New Moon is the perfect opportunity to make strides in your career. Whether you are tweaking your resume, vying for a promotion, or getting ready for an important presentation, your success is favored here. Even those self-employed are able to reassess their goals, and to take necessary steps to attaining them.

Libra – A spiritual vibe is prevalent for you now, and expansion is a keyword here. Boring activities will simply not suit you, and you could find yourself craving an adventure. Challenge yourself to learn more, and to broaden your perspectives. Whatever you choose to do at this New Moon it is not likely to be part of your regular routine.

Scorpio – This New Moon should bode well for you financially, but not in direct connection with your regular income. It is what is known as “other people’s money”, and you can benefit through areas such as inheritance, refinancing of property, business loans, or even seeing an increase which comes through a partner or significant other in your life.

Sagittarius – If you have been looking for a good time to begin a favorable relationship, this could be it. Mercury retrograde aside, relationship matters can be addressed now, and there is a greater need to come together so as to achieve success. Partnerships benefit from this energy, and any negotiations can lead to more harmonious relationships.

Capricorn – Sometimes, merely getting your *!it together is exactly what is needed. This New Moon is the perfect opportunity to implement a healthier diet and exercise plan, and of finding new ways to work more efficiently. Organization of your surroundings can be key to life running more smoothly on all fronts.

Aquarius – This date can become a key date for romance, if you are so inclined. Fun is something which is right up your alley, and definitely on your radar at this New Moon. If you are a creative individual, you could feel the desire to create even more so, and you will enjoy seeing the joy you are capable of bringing to others.

Pisces – Your focus now could be turned toward home and family. You need security, and will seek to develop it in these areas. Work around the home, such as remodeling and renovations, are projects which will benefit you. The workings of the family dynamic, and how people support one another is part of your focus as well.


May 30
7:30 am
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