Mercury square Jupiter

Although this is a square, it can be a good aspect, if used properly.  With Mercury being thought and communication, and Jupiter bringing a huge dose of optimism to the […]

Venus square Jupiter

You may be wanting to shirk off responsibilities to do any serious work today, in favor of doing something fun and exciting.  Any social activities are favored at this time, […]

Mercury square Chiron

Knowing what the energy of Chiron in Aries means for you will be helpful here, as the Wounded Healer squares off with Mercury, the little trickster.  It is important to […]

Venus square Chiron

Tension in relationships, not just the love ones, can flare at this time.  Chiron is currently retrograde in Aries, and Venus is now in Capricorn.  There is a feeling of […]

Sun square Jupiter

The manner in which your ego responds can play a big role in this transit.  If you become too big for your britches, so to speak, or allow success to […]

Venus square Uranus

This is a transit which could put any love relationships already on shaky ground to the test. There is a need here to break out, be daring, and try something, […]

Sun square Uranus

When life needs change, Uranus steps in and shakes things up, whether you like it or not. Events can be unpredictable, and everyone's behavior can be erratic. There is no […]

Venus square Mars

Relationships can be fraught with sexual tension now. There tends to be a buildup of anger, frustration, and resentment, resulting in ego clashes, spoken words which can not be taken […]

Mercury square Uranus

When these two face off, things may not always go according to plan. It would be wise to postpone important conversations, or document signing and preparation, in case of distractions. […]