Venus in Sagittarius

If things have been intense in the love/relationship department lately, that was likely due to Venus’ stay in obsessive, possessive Scorpio.  In Sagittarius, Venus is much more playful, and the […]

Venus square Neptune

If you ever find yourself feeling prone to self-esteem issues, unhappy when you glance while passing a mirror, then chin up during this aspect.  Neptune can have a way of […]

Venus square Jupiter

You may be wanting to shirk off responsibilities to do any serious work today, in favor of doing something fun and exciting.  Any social activities are favored at this time, […]

Venus in Capricorn

Venus adopts a much more serious tone, regarding both love and money, when in Capricorn.  What you earn will be through hard work, and you may even find yourself spending […]

Venus square Chiron

Tension in relationships, not just the love ones, can flare at this time.  Chiron is currently retrograde in Aries, and Venus is now in Capricorn.  There is a feeling of […]

Venus trine North Node

If you are looking for assistance to reach your goals, financially, or love-wise, then this is your transit. Venus wants you to have all of the nice things, those which […]

Venus trine Uranus

If you are looking for a new love, it can turn up completely out of the blue.  Someone totally different could be just what your life needs at the moment.  […]

Venus sextile Neptune

You can take advantage of this transit if you have been dating, or are in a romantic relationship, it could take on a more passionate nature now. Entering the dating […]

Venus conjunct Pluto

Those who desire love, or more from a relationship, can have a problem with this transit. Venus wants love and money and bling, while Pluto is intense, possessive, obsessive, jealous, […]