Venus in Libra

Welcome home, Venus!  As the ruler of both Taurus and Libra, Venus does double duty.  While in Libra, seeking balance will be a priority when it comes to relationships, and even your bank account.  This is a time where it may be easier to partner up to accomplish a project, rather than attempting to do […]

Venus square Pluto

If you have any type of relationship which is already strained, this could prove to be a hot-button moment. Someone attempting a power grab, in order to have complete control, […]

Venus trine Saturn

When Saturn gets involved, you are in it for the long haul.  Venus, of course, is all about love and money.  This is an aspect which will require a long-term commitment from you.  Be sure it is a relationship you wish to be in for a long time, and remember it is not necessarily a […]

Venus oppose Jupiter

This transit is a bit of a double-edged sword, in that it gives one the ability to enjoy life, have fun, party until the wee hours, and be loving as well.  The flip side to this is whether or not it is how you should be spending your time.  If there are more important things […]

Mercury sextile Venus

This very social transit is one where you can let your hair down for a bit, and take time for yourself to just be. Some of this could depend on how relationships are going at the moment, so do read for other influences surrounding this aspect, for a clearer picture of things. Overall, however, things […]

Venus oppose Uranus

This is a tricky one, as it has a bit of an easy-come, easy-go feel to it.  Venus, after all, is both love and money.  Were something to suddenly occur out of the blue in a relationship, it could be enough to end it, unless it was a very solid one. The ensuing drama would […]

Venus trine Neptune

Heightened sensitivity in matters of love is possible now, if you can set aside any fantasizing about who/what the perfect love for you may be.  Neptune’s influence can cause one to don the rose-colored glasses, which can be known to skew the truth of things.  Often it is possible to believe that everyone you encounter […]

Venus sextile Pluto

Affairs, whether sexual, or of the heart, can find their roots in a transit such as this one. Venus is passionate, while Pluto can be secretive, and even if not an affair, one may have a personal reason for not going public (for example, a celebrity tired of being under constant scrutiny) Existing love can […]