Mars trine Chiron

Mars steps in to provide the necessary impetus to take action, where needed in order to heal a situation. Chiron has a way of bringing situations to you head-on, in […]

Mars trine North Node

This is a powerful transit, and if you have been looking for stamina, drive, and determination, courage even, to step up and get the job done, then this is your […]

Mercury conjunct Mars

It provides quick thinking and decision making, but it is important to be aware of your responses. The mind is sharp now, but the tongue could be even sharper. It would be easy to project any resentment or anger onto the first person with whom you cross paths. Arguments are possible to come easy now, […]

Mars square Neptune

If prone to feelings of paranoia, this is not your transit. Things are not clear when Mars squares Neptune, and it can conjure up undue suspicion, the inability to determine […]

Mars sextile Saturn

What an incredible energy to have behind you now! The passion and drive available here enable you to go the distance, making this the ideal time to tackle those projects which require your attention, because it needs to be absolutely right. When Saturn is involved, whatever is going on is something which will be in […]

Mars trine Jupiter

This aspect is just what you need to have that mental edge necessary to go forth with your plans, and being willing to take risks, in order to be successful. […]

Mars trine Uranus

Take a walk on the wild side! Mars is in earthy Capricorn, its sign of exaltation, while Uranus is in Taurus, another Earth sign, and one which tends to like […]

Mars sextile Neptune

Mars sextile Neptune can be a wonderfully healing and spiritual energy, as Mars is desire and passion, and Neptune provides a more softer side to people. You could take up […]

Mars conjunct Pluto

Depending on the level of how this aspect could affect you, or those around you, it evokes an incredible lust for power. Passion, intrigue, drive, ambition, and perhaps a desire […]