Saturn in Pisces

Saturn visits a sign approximately every twenty-nine years.  On occasion, it will retrograde back into the previous sign for a short while, then return to finish out its transit, but […]

Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto is the slowest moving of all the planets, taking approximately 248 years to makes its way through all of the astrological signs. The length of a Pluto transit can […]

Venus trine Neptune

Heightened sensitivity in matters of love is possible now, if you can set aside any fantasizing about who/what the perfect love for you may be.  Neptune’s influence can cause one […]

Mercury sextile Neptune

Allow your words to be ones of healing now. Kindness, compassion, and spirituality, rule the day, and the social nature of this transit will make for some pleasant interactions. However, […]

Sun square Neptune

This is a particularly deceptive transit, and if you are prone to be overwhelmed by Neptune's influence, you will need to guard against those who would seek to deceive you. […]

Jupiter sextile Saturn

This is a winning combination, with Jupiter providing an optimistic outlook, together with the possibilities of expansion. Saturn brings the maturity necessary to maintain a strong work ethic, and to […]

Sun trine Neptune

Your hopes and dreams become important to you under this aspect, with spiritual overtones guiding your every move, both in creative projects and relationships.  This can be a very social […]

Sun oppose Saturn

The good-natured Sun is in conflict with restrictive Saturn, and Saturn is the one wielding the upper hand. Whether you are simply feeling bad about things, due to undermined confidence, […]

Sun oppose Neptune

Scammers come to mind immediately with this aspect.  Beware of those who would pull the wool over your eyes, because the confusion from which you may suffer here, can make […]

Mercury oppose Neptune

This one can cause some problems, especially within close relationships.  Perceptions of both thought and word can become distorted now, which is the stuff of which huge misunderstandings are often […]