Sun conjunct Pluto

When the Sun and Pluto are conjunct, everyone wants to come out on top. This can lead to all types of behavior, including manipulative, anything goes, where people are trying […]

Mercury conjunct Pluto

This is a rather probing transit, giving you the opportunity to dive below the surface of any issue, delving deeper for the truth, instead of relying on superficial appearances.  It […]

Mars conjunct Pluto

Depending on the level of how this aspect could affect you, or those around you, it evokes an incredible lust for power. Passion, intrigue, drive, ambition, and perhaps a desire […]

Venus conjunct Pluto

Those who desire love, or more from a relationship, can have a problem with this transit. Venus wants love and money and bling, while Pluto is intense, possessive, obsessive, jealous, […]

Sun sextile Pluto

What a powerful transit! These two meeting up have a way of lighting the fire of transformation under you, and instilling in you the confidence, power, and drive to succeed. […]

Venus sextile Pluto

Affairs, whether sexual, or of the heart, can find their roots in a transit such as this one. Venus is passionate, while Pluto can be secretive, and even if not […]

Venus square Pluto

If you have any type of relationship which is already strained, this could prove to be a hot-button moment. Someone attempting a power grab, in order to have complete control, […]

Mars sextile Pluto

If you have been needing a turboboost from the Universe, to help you to spring into action and achieve your goals, then this is it. Things which could have seemed […]

Mercury square Pluto

The quest for information can easily lead you to dangerous places, should you allow yourself to be prone to conspiracy theories. "Research" is not something to be done on YouTube, […]

Sun trine Pluto

This transit is one of tremendous impact on your life, both personally and professionally. You can effect transformation, partially through what you remove from your path, and also the influence […]