Sun square Pluto

This is a rather intense transit, one which can be challenging when it comes to being in control. Authority figures may have the upper hand, and the outcomes can be […]

Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn

When you take into consideration the shadow period of Pluto retrograde, in this case January 8 until now, then post-shadow running from October 10, 2023 until February 1, 2024, you […]

Jupiter square Pluto

This is considered to be a signature aspect, due to its rarity, magnitude, and long-term effects. It was last seen August 4, 2017, and will not occur again until October 31, 2029. What makes this event even more powerful than usual is its occurrence at the 0° mark, with Jupiter having just entered Taurus, and […]

Mars oppose Pluto

It might not get more intense than this, and how you handle the nature of this powerful energy, will be the catalyst for all you wish to achieve. Your courage, passion, and drive, are being pushed to the max, and due to the sporadic nature of this transit, you would be wise to use it […]

Sun trine Pluto

This transit is one of tremendous impact on your life, both personally and professionally. You can effect transformation, partially through what you remove from your path, and also the influence which you wield at this time. You will leave no stone unturned if you wish to get to the bottom of something, or to know […]

Venus oppose Pluto

Obsessions in relationships can become very pronounced during this transit.  Jealous tendencies may be exhibited, much to one’s detriment, as the need to control, and perhaps even isolate another, in […]

Mercury trine Pluto

Whichever end of this transit you find yourself on, it can leave a huge impact on your life. Conversations, meaningful ones, can bring more than transformation, they can help you achieve something which you desire. There may be some smooth talkers out there, the type who seemingly know what you are thinking, and how to […]

Mercury oppose Pluto

Do your own research and check the facts before making any important decisions, or accepting anything at face value.  Much can be hidden now, and conspiracy theories may run rampant […]

Sun oppose Pluto

Transformation can bring necessary change, but it is not always pretty.  This is especially true with relationships, and this transit can forcefully bring change.  Just go with the flow; do […]

Pluto square North Node

Do not let your past get in the way of your future with this one. Pluto can be a controlling, manipulative energy, and if things have not previously gone right, […]