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Full Moon 26° Libra

April 16 @ 2:55 pm

Also known as the Full Pink Moon, this Full Moon in Libra will kick off the first Eclipse season of 2022. This one will be a wild ride, beginning now, and continuing through May 30 at the New Moon in Gemini. The Full Moon will trine Saturn and square Pluto. Libra is all about relationships, and the balance within them, and at this time, you could find yourself facing some issues, not necessarily your own, and your means for solving them, or giving advice regarding them, should come from traditional proven methods. Some could prove to be far too extreme, causing power struggles within close relationships. be on the lookout for those who can be manipulative and jealous, and if you feel you possess those tendencies, do your best to be aware of your behavior. The time for some changes may definitely be here. Uranus is very active at the time of this Full Moon, so it is wise to read for all surrounding aspects, because there is a great deal of unpredictability. You can learn more about this Libra Full Moon by listening to my Full Moon Tarot Guidance, available on Patreon (https://patreon.com/tarotbycecelia/ – here on my website tarotbycecelia.com – on YouTube (join my Members area) and on Facebook (click on “Use App” at the top of my Facebook page) (PLEASE NOTE: None of these areas are connected; each is a separate method of accessing my guidance) Read below for what this Full Moon means for your sign:

Aries – This Full Moon is all about finding balance in your most significant relationships. Compromise and negotiation may be necessary in order to do this, but you can achieve lasting, positive results, by creating a connection with proper give and take.

Taurus – If you have been looking to ditch a bad habit, or even two, then this is your Full Moon. Whether you wish to quit smoking, give up screen time, begin a healthy diet and exercise regimen, or say no to alcohol and drugs, you will want to take advantage of the Full Moon in this position. It is also a good time to be streamlining work practices in order to work more efficiently.

Gemini – Fun may be on your agenda now, especially if you have not been able to enjoy yourself much lately. Creative pursuits are favored, and romance could be on your mind. If you have chlldren, there is a possibility at least one requires your attention, or you find you are engaging more with them.

Cancer – An area you know so well, this Full Moon is all about home and family. Matters involving either, or both, will need your attention now. Perhaps you had been too busy elsewhere, but balance in all things is required, so not is the time to give proper time to these areas.

Leo – You are known to be a pleasure-seeking individual, so this Full Moon may not sit too well with you, for you may be required to forget about fun for a bit, and go take care of life’s more routine priorities. Interactions with sibling could occur now, and you may also have documents needing your attention. Local travel, doing things such as running errands will keep you busy as well.

Virgo – What makes you feel good? If you are in any type of relationship, even a long-distance one, the demands you feel places upon you could leave you thinking you are not getting your fair share of things. This is a time best spent focusing on yourself and your own needs, rather than those of others.

Libra – Seeking balance will be a priority now, and it could come in a form of seeking justice for yourself, and what makes you feel good.  Remembering self-care and that you do matter, is extremely important to everyone at some point. Should you find you are an emotional creature, do your best to contain them at this time, for you may be more prone to emotional outbursts now.

Scorpio – The time has come to rest, and take things easy. If you have been very busy, it could be time to slow down for a day, or two. You have much to deal with, and you should be paying attention to your health, and engaging in healthy practices. Full Moons do bring endings, or culminations, and it is possible to see the end of a situation now.

Sagittarius – This Full Moon turns your focus to others, especially your closest relationships. Participating in events as a group will bring more satisfaction than going it alone. Overall, you could be around more people than usual, and it is not uncommon for this Full Moon to bring someone in need to your attention. You will be the friend to help, if you can.

Capricorn – Your career could be front and center now, and your behavior at this time is key. Be mindful of how you portray yourself to others, and do not allow yourself to become a drama king/queen for the sake of attention. Remember, the spotlight is on you, and you will want it to be for all the right reasons. Opportunity can present itself, and you should be ready.

Aquarius – When life becomes too serious for you, doing something fun, or embarking on a new adventure, may be exactly the cure which is needed. It could be time to hit the open road and to see where it takes you.

Pisces – This Full Moon often carries with it the need to pay out a fair sum of cash. You could be aware of this, but it does not change the need. It is also possible to find yourself in a position where another needs your help, which could be financial in nature.


April 16
2:55 pm
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