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Jupiter in Aries

May 10, 2022 @ 7:22 pm - October 28, 2022 @ 1:10 am

What an incredibly dynamic energy, from which everyone can benefit. Jupiter in Aries prompts you to put yourself first, to lead the way, and to go boldly into your future. This is Cardinal, Fire energy, and it is like rocket fuel for the soul. Jupiter broadens your perspectives, your horizons, and in Aries, allows you to be fearless in your quest for change. This does not come across as a well-thought-out transit, and as a matter-of-fact, it may feel more like you are flying by the seat of your pants. It is a perfectly acceptable way to go, as you may never have dared to take a leap of faith and just go for it. Unless you encounter an adverse aspect along the way, this particular transit of Jupiter should bring success through risk taking. Do be careful when it comes to things such as political talking points, and opinions, for Aries is a hothead energy, and it is important to allow others the opportunity to speak as well. Always think carefully before subjecting others to your opinions.

Here is what Jupiter in Aries means for your sign:

Aries – You could begin to feel much more optimistic now than you have in a very long time. Feeling good about things increases confidence and self-esteem, and both you and your surroundings begin to reflect these positive changes. Jupiter loves to expand things, and you are the favorite cosmic child at the moment, so your possibilities become endless.

Taurus – Just because Jupiter has not yet reached your sign, does not mean you can not benefit from this placement. It is better used in research mode, allowing you to prepare yourself for what is to come. This may feel like somewhat of a spiritual vibe to you, increasing your awareness of the needs of others, and encouraging you to offer your assistance where you can.

Gemini – What an amazing time for you! Be prepared to share your contact info with everyone you meet. Jupiter is working overtime to bring you amazing connections, from which you can benefit in astounding ways, down the line. Networking while this transit is in play is the name of the game. If you have any special interests, locating and joining in any affiliations, groups, etc., which are related, can bring you incredible rewards.

Cancer – If you are a working Cancer, you will be astounded by the benefits you can reap from this Jupiter placement. Your career could be fast-tracked now, and whether the right people are finding you, or you are finding them, you should be ready to work with all which is on offer. Putting your best foot forward now will definitely get you noticed, and those who matter will definitely be paying attention.

Leo – This is the perfect opportunity for traveling abroad, if you have been wishing to do so. Studying is favored, no matter your age, for you can expand your knowledge and increase your potential for manifestation. People of different cultural associations from yours could play a huge role now, and by diversifying your studies and your acquaintances, you yould reap huge rewards, bringing massive success.

Virgo – This is a time when joint financial matters tend to come to the forefront. They can work in your favor, and in a variety of ways. What an incredible time to apply for a loan, if you are seeking to buy, sell, remodel, re-mortgage, or invest. Those who would be the recipients of an inheritance could find it turns out to be way more than originally anticipated.

Libra – Partnerships of all kinds are favored for you now, and you may wish to consider becoming engaged, or married, during this transit. Relationships which you begin during this transit have the potential for success and endurance. It is not uncommon to partner up with someone from a different ethnic background from yours. Finding the right business partner can happen with this placement, and you can negotiate your terms for many an agreement in your best interest.

Scorpio – One of the most important things to everyone, is ultimately their health, and during this Jupiter transit you can benefit from finding ways to improve yours. Your work will be a priority to you as well, and what you put out there will begin to come back to you ten-fold. Maintaining a great work ethic will definitely have its benefits for you, bringing you increased success and recognition.

Sagittarius – What a joyful transit for you! Your creativity really blossoms under this influence, and there is much more lightheartedness and joy to be had now. If you have not yet met your soulmate, get yourself out there, for the potential to find your special someone has never been greater. Those already enjoying a loving, romantic relationship, will see it deepen. Children, and the potential for babies, pregnancies, can add true abundance to your life.

Capricorn – Home, family, and property matters receive the benefit of Jupiter’s influence here, and if you are looking to buy or sell, there could not be a more perfect time to do it. Upgrades of all kinds are possible, and a general feeling of positive, optimistic energy flows around these areas for you. This is a good time to address any family matters which have caused discourse in the past. It is also the perfect time to undertake a remodel.

Aquarius – Time to get out and mingle in your neighborhood, if you do not already do so. You never know what might come of it. This is a great transit for getting your point across to others, and works especially well from a teaching standpoint. Travel is a good possibility while Jupiter is working its magic for you, and who knows, you may even decide to purchase a new vehicle. This is a very social time for you.

Pisces – What a great transit for you! Jupiter loves to gift its beneficiaries with opportunites of great manifestation potential. You could see a tremendous boost to your bottom line during this transit. Jupiter’s influence is seeking to expand your self-worth, and your riches, and it can come in many forms. Do keep in mind it is also possible to overspend during this transit, so do try to spend wisely.


May 10, 2022 @ 7:22 pm
October 28, 2022 @ 1:10 am
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