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New Moon 0° Aries

March 21 @ 1:23 pm

While this New Moon is neither a Supermoon, or an Eclipse, it is about as over-the-top as one can possibly be. It occurs at 0° Aries, and on its own, the 0° is known as the Aries degree, so this one packs a double dose of incredibly fresh starts and new beginnings. Take note, before entering Aries, the Pisces Moon will conjunct Neptune, square Mars, and sextile Pluto. Pre-New Moon you can expect  people, including yourself to be highly emotional, overly-sensitive, and thoughts can be muddled or confusing. Tempers will be quick to rise, because everyone wants what they want, and they want it now. Relationships can be very intense at this time. You might also wish to shed things which no longer serve you, being ever so appropriate to make way for new things. The Aries New Moon will conjunct Mercury, and also good-fortune planet, Jupiter. How you feel all of these energies could feel much like a two-part story, with the second half, once the Moon is actually in Aries, feeling like you hit the jackpot, whether it comes in the form of news or luck. The atmosphere of the Aries Moon will be very sociable, and things will feel much more optimistic. Be aware of when the Moon switches signs in your time zone, so as to take advantage of the benefits the Aries Moon has to offer. You can listen to my Aries New Moon Tarot Guidance here on my website (to save 10% on a Yearly subscription, use code SAVE10YEARLY at checkout), on the Patreon app, https://patreon.com/tarotbycecelia/ or by joining my YouTube channel. Read below to see what this New Moon means for your sign:

Aries – This is your New Moon! If ever there was a time to feel good about yourself, and to make some forward moves, this would be it. Be true to yourself, and believe in yourself, and others will see your confidence. Do not hold back when it comes to going for what you want.

Taurus – The energy of this New Moon is best used in a preparatory state. Take the time to get ready for when the New Moon comes to your sign. Practice self-care, release what is not necessary, and perhaps even spend some time researching the things which interest you, in order to initiate your changes at the next New Moon.

Gemini – This should be a sociable New Moon for you. Where you can benefit most is to see and be seen. Networking and making new contacts is the name of the game, and you would do well to place yourself in group situations. It is even possible to be leading such a group, and you will find greater security through them.

Cancer – Reaching your goals is paramount at this New Moon, so initiating plans to make them a reality can definitely work in your favor. It is a good time to seek new employment, ask for a raise, or to receive a promotion. Career matters can put you in the spotlight, so be certain to put your best foot forward in all you do.

Leo – You will not want to be contained, or confined, in any way, at this New Moon. Your sense of adventure will cause you to push back against the status quo, and set you off on a journey, seeking something new and wonderful. Spiritual topics can highlight your perspective, and help to broaden your horizons.

Virgo – Awareness in relationships can define your expectations. Intimacy and sharing are of importance now, and understanding what makes these things work. Finances are highlighted at this New Moon, and if you are seeking funding, such as a loan, this can be the perfect time to apply.

Libra – The balance within relationships becomes a priority now, and this includes all forms of partnership. Positive negotiations are possible, and it will enable you to find the right words, and perhaps even strike a compromise. Going it alone may not be what is needed at this time, so seeking partnership can be beneficial.

Scorpio – Should you desire to make positive changes to diet, exercise, and work routines, look no further. This is your New Moon to launch successful practices which can help you to achieve the results you want. Learning ways to work more efficiently is definitely to your benefit as well.

Sagittarius – Creativity has a way of peaking for you under the influence of this New Moon. You could find yourself planning a romantic outing, or wanting to initiate a romantic relationship. Fun times are possible now, and if you have children, you will definitely want them to be a part of it.

Capricorn – New Moons always bring a particular area of life into greater focus, turning your attention, and in this case, it is toward home and family. Whether you decide to work on a remodel, or to hold a family meeting, ensuring everyone is doing their part, you will see these things to be front and center.

Aquarius – There are New Moons which necessitate action, and this one might have you going in several directions at once, perhaps trying to catch up on the simple errands in life which require your attention. You could feel a sense of busyness, through nearby travel, communication, and attending to important documents.

Pisces – A New Moon such as this is meant to bring you pleasure, the type which arouses the senses, and brings you comfort. Finances could be on your mind now, and this is a good time to work on a new budget, or even to pursue a new stream of income revenue. Be sure to carve out a little time for yourself as well.

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