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Pluto in Aquarius

March 23 @ 8:23 am - June 11 @ 5:35 am

Pluto is the slowest moving of all the planets, taking approximately 248 years to makes its way through all of the astrological signs. The length of a Pluto transit can vary, spending from twelve to thirty years in a sign. Due to this, in your lifetime, you will not experience many Pluto transits, and they are often thought of as being generational, since so many people are born under the same influence. You do not have too look very far to see the differences in the current classifications of adulthood. Pluto, of course, is known as the planet of death, rebirth, and transformation, completely changing the outlook of whatever it touches during its transit. In Capricorn, there was much taking place with governments and authority figures, including the structure of our society.  The power possessed by these individuals and corporations has grown during the Capricorn transit. Pluto will revisit Capricorn from June 11, 2023 through January 22, 2024, as a result of its yearly retrograde. After that, it will remain in Aquarius for the long haul. Pluto in Aquarius will be an amazing, revolutionary time. Technology as we know it will begin to grow at warp speed, with incredible breakthroughs and discoveries which transform how we live and interact with one another. People will become more community-minded, and humanitarian efforts will increase across the planet. Independence takes on a whole new meaning, while Pluto transits Aquarius, and there will likely be examples from the past which will serve as guides through the history of this freedom-seeking sign. Revolutionary times around the world will take place, just as they did from 1778 to 1798, the last time Pluto visited Aquarius. So, now, authority as we have known it under Capricorn, is going to be totally transformed over the next twenty years. Read below to see what this very transformational transit means for your sign:

Aries – Your social life will undergo intense transformation during this time. The view you have of your associations, and connections, within groups, and friendships, requires getting to the truth. If there are those who would betray you, you will discover this, hopefully not before it is too late. Pluto will teach you which people are on your side, and have your best interests at heart, and who does not. Your own expectations of yourself, your goals, and hopes and dreams, can alter drastically over the course of time. It is possible you will decide the ones you held for so long are no longer in alignment with your desires. Leadership roles could become available to you, and you would be fitting for the position.

Taurus – The tenth house is one of stature, most specifically within your career, and standing in society. This is a powerful time, and with Pluto aspects, the results can vary. You can expect a huge transformation in your work itself, how others view you, and the accomplishment of goals. Over the course of the next twenty years, this magnitude of influence can assist you in ascending the ladder to success, urging you to keep climbing a ladder which seemingly has to top rung in view. Your achievements can be as over-the-top as the theme of a blockbuster movie, or sink to the depths of some form of hell-like abyss, should there be secrets and hidden agendas. Always remember to put your best foot forward when you have energy in this placement.

Gemini – It is possible to go through life maintaining a fairly standard, and consistent way of thinking, but now Pluto is here to change it all. What you believe, especially in a spiritual context, can now have broadened perspectives, and over the course of this transit, you will look for, and have, new experiences, with new people who would perhaps not be a predictable choice. It is important to remember what you believe does not necessarily need to be the belief of another. Now that your views on life are expanding, you will want to learn more and know more, perhaps through study itself, learning new subjects which are in line with your newly acquired interest. A whole world is opening up for you.

Cancer – Your outlook will be changing gradually, over time, in some rather tense, transformative ways. You could develop an interest in the occult, or the darker side of life, or merely wish to seek out what seems to be hidden. Control issues will become a thing, as you strive to control more areas of your life, including people, and on the other hand, demand no one is attempting to control you. The views you possess on subjects such as intimacy, finances (as in shared ones), and there will be transformative events, which can possibly make or break you, when it comes to finances. These could range from loans to inheritances, or the income of a significant other.

Leo – One-to-one relationships are the primary focus of this Pluto transit. There is much to be said, and to learn, about how you personally behave in each of them. Pluto addresses areas related to control, power, intensity, jealous behavior, and obsessiveness. Over the course of time, you will likely find you are dealing with each of these, whether it is your own behavior which needs to transform, or putting yourself into relationships with people who possess these tendencies. By the end of this, you should have more than learned what it is you need and require from both yourself and another, in a successful one-to-one relationship.

Virgo – Pluto loves to get to the truth of things, finding the root of the matter, and figuring out what makes things tick. In this placement, you can make great strides with health issues, investigating the causes, symptoms, and cures, which thus allows you to transform your personal habits, to bring beneficial health changes into your life. This can come through diet and exercise regimes, purging bad habits, and creating new routines. These basic principles can also be applied to your work life as well, with more efficient practices being put into place, eliminating time-consuming procedures, and streamlining your work processes, in order to increase productivity.

Libra – This is such an interesting house, as it brings up a variety of areas which can be transformed by Pluto. Your romantic outlook, and perception of it, will certainly be noteworthy now, and the desire for a romantic relationship which is deeply passionate is possible. Children are often a source of change during this time, including those you might already have, and babies which have yet to be born. Your creativity, and how you create, can undergo immense personal growth, and you will find new ways to express yourself. How you spend your free time, and what you now find entertaining, will be a constant source of change.

Scorpio – Your home and family life will evolve immensely over the course of this Pluto placement. The dynamics of it all are changing, and you could find yourself taking on new roles and responsibilities. Related traumas, whether real or perceived, will be up for review here, and should you not like what you see, chances are you will be moved to do something about it, in a very permanent fashion. The words death, rebirth, and transformation, hold great meaning in this house, and strike at the very core of situations of which you need to let go, and those to embrace.

Sagittarius – In this position, Pluto will teach you to transform how you communicate. Over time, you will become much less interested in idle chit-chat, seeking conversations which are more meaningful. Your relationships with siblings and neighbors will change considerably during this transit as well. Your thought processes will undergo the deepest transformations of all, as you seek truth, and strive to learn things which you deem to be important to your actual survival. Information and communication are the cornerstone of this Pluto transit.

Capricorn – Your second house concerns itself with income and self-worth, and with Pluto in your corner, you will likely feel driven to secure your wealth by any means. Hoarders could be born from this transit, because Pluto’s possessive nature will cause some to not want to relinquish their possessions for any reason, likely through fear of loss. This is a time of building and fortifying your income to ensure stability, and to earn the most you feel you possibly can. How you feel about your self is transforming as well.

Aquarius – This incredibly long transit will reshape and transform everything about you, however, because of the amount of time involved, the process will not be a quick one. You will learn a great deal about yourself along the way, as you seek to gain control over your life. Pluto will empower you to do this, but issues and struggles of power and control can consume you, if you let them. Your personality could come off as being very strong right now, and it might matter to you what others think of you. The fact it does not matter could be one of the most important lessons you learn.

Pisces – Such a lengthy transit might seem rather grueling in this placement, because much of it takes place in an internal manner. It is more about getting in touch with who you were, are, and will be, beginning the transformation from within, dealing with past events and traumas. The purging in this house is very intense, and lessons of control are available at every turn. Do your best not to keep everything bottled; learn to let it all go, lest it begin to eat away at you from the inside. This can create health issues. Once you have cleaned out the closet of your life, and removed the cobwebs, you will be prepared for Pluto’s move to the next house.


March 23 @ 8:23 am
June 11 @ 5:35 am
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