Saturn in Pisces

Saturn visits a sign approximately every twenty-nine years.  On occasion, it will retrograde back into the previous sign for a short while, then return to finish out its transit, but […]

Jupiter in Taurus

This is a positive transit for all signs, and will encourage everyone to slow their pace a bit, taking the time out to enjoy life. Taurus is indulgent, and bringing […]

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

It is a good idea to tie up any loose ends you may have been putting off, before this retrograde begins.  The possibility of increased difficulty exists, as Uranus may […]

Sun in Sagittarius

When the Sun enters fiery Sagittarius, it opens up your world to the possibilities.  Travel, adventure, exploration, cultural experiences, and definitely learning fall under this sign.  This is an energy […]

Mercury in Capricorn

This is a more serious transit for Mercury, as it leaves fun-loving Sagittarius, and takes on a more goal-oriented way of thinking.  There is a greater focus now toward completion, […]

Sun trine Chiron

Let the healing begin!  Where the Sun shines, it brings favor, and in this case, some much-needed healing.  This may be long overdue, and some of the scars which need […]

Mercury trine Jupiter

Good news!  Positive news!  There is an abundance of optimism here, in both thought and communication.  If long-distance travel is on your agenda, it is currently favored, and you will […]