6 of Feathers

Featured Card of the Day – 6 of Feathers ~ Dragonfly

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Artist: Paulina Cassidy

Website: www.paulina.ws


Transition, healing, motion, resolution of difficulties, insight.

Artist Interpretation

Dragonfly, the ambassador of change and transcendence, is your guide in drifting from the weight of illusion into a world of light and healing. When detaching from problems, Dragonfly will urge you to kick-start the changes necessary in order to move forward. Ride the winds of change. Allow yourself to break free from a turbulent past into a more positive future, as a solution is on the horizon. The process of healing has begun, and know that things will get better. Believe in yourself and your new sense of purpose as you evolve from one state of mind to another. Focus on where you want to be. A new perspective will recharge your vitality. In moving through the mists of change, you will find your true power.

Connect with Paulina:

Website: www.paulina.ws

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paulinacassidyart

Twitter: https://twitter.com/paulina_cassidy