Featured Card of the Day – The Star – 78 Tarot Carnival ~ Cirque du Tarot

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Artist: Simona Candini



Hope, dreams coming true, inspiration, renewal

Artist Statement

“Haunted rides and a ghostly atmosphere create an ominous feeling for my dark, carnival-themed card. I love the tones of blue, purple and acid green, melting together to create a fluid stream of thoughts where the reality seems lost in the haze of a dream, timeless in its moving stillness.

The star is there, in front of you, to lead you to your safe place. It’s so bright, but it doesn’t blindfold you, it fills your soul of a sudden awareness, it awakens you from the dream, infusing with peace your inner self. Follow the Star and abandon your fears.”

Card Meaning

A young girl walks through a dark circus. Behind her stands a huge Gothic castle, reminding her of the challenges she has faced, the horrors that she leaves behind. She has traveled through a misty forest to get this far, and all she has found is an abandoned carnival. But at her heart glows a large star, the Universe offering her warmth and guiding light so that she can see the way ahead. Seven more stars float around her skirt, illuminating her path as she travels. The lights that lead her on are eight-pointed stars, symbols of strength, garnered from the obstacles she has overcome.

This card gives us hope, representing the distant light at the end of the tunnel, providing confidence and motivation to continue our journey, preventing us from losing our way.

Astrological Element & Association

Air / Aquarius

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Featured Card of the Day – The Star – 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water

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Artist: Carla Morrow



Guiding light, hope, inspiration, healing, promise

Artist’s Interpretation & Card Meaning:

“The Star card represents hope, spirituality, renewal, inspiration, and serenity. The dragon has just emerged from the depths of the ocean. The place where inspiration comes from. The sound of the calm waves bringing her to a place of absolute serenity. Water pours and drips from her wings, one back into the ocean, giving back to renew, replenish, and refill the well. The other pouring into the earth in five rivulets, one for each of our five senses. There are eight stars in total, one for each of the major chakras. She is picking up starfish from the beach and placing them into the heavens as stars to help guide our way, offering the first inkling of hope in a normally dark sky.”

A dragon sits, composed and serene, on a calm beach, plucking starfish from the sand, infusing them with light and placing them in the sky. She brings hope and a guiding light for others on their journey. She has recently emerged from the sea, moving on to the next stage of her own journey, leaving her troubles behind. Water flows off her, from one wing, back to the sea, replenishing the never-ending life cycle, and falling from the other to the dry beach, showing the balance she maintains between her everyday activities and her intuition.

This card represents a new phase – having faced the challenges you have endured so far, you are entering a time of hope and renewal – this card is shining a light on you to guide you on your way.

Astrological Association & Element

Air / Aquarius

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Card of the Day – The Star – Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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After being retrograde for two and a half months, Mars returns to direct orbit today. The Star card feels very appropriate for the occasion. It is a symbol of hope, faith and renewal, and, indeed you may feel your faith in the Universe begin to renew. There are special blessings mixed in here for you, so remember to take note of them, no matter how big or how small.

Optimism may very well become the order of, not just today, but the next six weeks, as you feel like ‘The Little Engine that Could’. Just think of your stalled self and projects as a train ready to go forward now; it will take a bit to pick up steam, but with each passing day, you shall see yourself doing just that as you progress forward. Just remember to remain optimistic and keep saying, “I think I can! I think I can!”. Truly, the stars are beginning to align in your favor.

See you here tomorrow!

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Source: Tarot Mucha

This card was last seen June 20, 2015

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Card of the Day – The Star Saturday, June 20, 2015

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When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true. 

So, you say life has felt like a whirlwind. You’ve taken steps in directions you’re not certain you ever dreamed to go. You’re on your way aren’t you? Can you taste it? Can you feel it?

The past week has been hectic with all the new plans, and the juggling and the sidestepping that’s been involved. Take a little time today to just breathe. Life can change in an instant, or a little at a time. You should be able to see now, that you’re doing the right thing…on the right road. Remember, you are only at the beginning of this new road. Dreams are the things wishes are made of; dare to dream. There are certain times that are favorable for acting on our dreams. This is one of them. What you work on now will manifest for you soon. 

The road ahead may not always be clear, but now you can catch glimpses of your future by the light of the stars.

 See  you here tomorrow!

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