Card of the Day – 3 of Cups Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What a perfect card with which to begin this series of posts. 

Welcome to the party! This will be a daily post to my blog, to be shared across social media. 

You have so many reasons to celebrate right now. Today there is a New Moon in Gemini. What have you been hoping for? You might just feel excitement over what your future holds. You are being urged to be out and about. See and be seen. Today is the day to put your plans in motion. Be sure to include your closest allies in your plans. 

So many have been trying to move forward in life. The 3 of Cups signals that the time has arrived. You are at the beginning of a new phase, one which will bring you great pleasure. If you have been working on an area of your life, such as career, you will find many reasons to be happy. 

Has there been a part of your life that has felt stuck or motionless? Freedom from the chains that bind you is imminent. Let go of that which no longer serves you, and rejoice in the happiness that is coming.

See you here tomorrow!

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