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Over the years, many of you have met me. Perhaps I read for you in person. There are others reading this whom I’ve never met. But, I may have already done #Tarot readings for you. 

I want to take the time to talk about having faith in your readings. Not everything happens overnight. There are reasons things are shown to us in readings; there are reasons they are not. Significant events can be foretold years in advance. Just because they don’t happen right away doesn’t make it fiction. 

If a predicted event is a positive one you’ve been hoping for, you need to know that when the timing is right the universe will hand it to you. Obsessing over something in your distant future doesn’t make it happen. Having faith in your reading, yourself and the choices you make will get you there. 

I like to record the readings that I do. Often, our minds can be a source of great misinformation. Memory and note taking are not the best means of recollection. Save your readings. So, if it takes a year, or five years, for a life-altering event to occur, you can always refer back to the readings pertinent to your situation. 

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