True Love and Tarot Cards – What’s in Your Future?

What is true love? Love and love relationships are the most frequent subject of #Tarot inquiries. We all need some form of love in our lives. Getting it right is usually the challenge. 

I actually believe there’s a right and a wrong way to ask the Tarot about your relationships. First, you must ask with the intent of accepting the answer. This is where most people tend to to get hung up on the possibility of love in their lives. They become fixated on a relationship that didn’t or isn’t working out as planned. 

Honestly, when a door is closed, in all likelihood it should remain so. I hear many questions that sound like this…”We broke up 3 months ago and we haven’t spoken, but I really feel like we should get back together”.  Now, how silly does that sound to you? And, it’s not a question, it’s more a statement of desire, based on the fact that no one else has come along to fill that space in your heart. It doesn’t make it right just because it appears to be the only option. 

My first objective as a reader is to get to the bottom of the situation. Why are you apart? That is my question. If your answer is that you were always fighting, then I’m going to suggest we rephrase the question. Let’s not continue to beat a dead horse. Or, maybe he beat you. Bottom line is it doesn’t sound like a relationship on which to pin all your hopes and dreams. 

The other day a friend asked me a valid question … “Will I ever marry again?” My answer went something like this… Don’t discount the idea of finding true love and just being a couple. Marriage does not make it so. After all, love is love, with or without marriage. I proceeded to tell her that I did see someone for her. He isn’t with anyone, but he’s not even thinking of looking for you. However, he will find you. Don’t turn down social invitations, as he may very well attend the same function as you.

One of the most beautiful readings I’ve ever done was for a friend in California. She deserves true love, and she will definitely have it. One thing the Tarot can do is show you things way in advance of an actual event. I know she still listens to that reading. Sometimes, things which are life-altering changes show up in a reading simply because it will be the key turning point in your life and you need to believe it is coming. 

I have included relationship readings as part of what I do. Not all relationships should be left behind or discarded. Some do require a little work to maintain a necessary balance. I truly do believe in true love. And, I hope you believe as well. 

So, remember when asking your questions to think of what you really need. A certain person? Or someone who will love you until the end of time?


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