New Moon in Cancer – July 15, 2015

I have pulled #Tarot cards for guidance for this New Moon in Cancer. 

You have much for which to be proud at this New Moon.  The ability to take control of an area of your life that has been so out of control is possible at this time. You can slow down that runaway train, so to speak. Finally, there is clarity. So much has been hidden. And now, it is revealed to you. Important papers have been signed. Where you were headed seemed so unclear some days.  Justice will prevail. Exercise your sense of right and wrong. Important news may come to you during this New Moon period. At least one area has come full circle. For you can now address multiple issues in detail. It still has a one at a time feel and there is plenty more to be done. 

Your future is now ahead of you. Your ship has come in and you definitely have a more secure footing at this time. Do the work necessary to make this New Moon a successful one for you. 

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Artwork Credit: Art by Raventalker

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