Surviving the Shift – What do the Planets have in Store for You?


Since the beginning of the Pluto-Uranus squares back in 2012, life for many has been beyond difficult. These did not culminate until March of 2015. Each square further served to bury us under the planetary chaos. 

As if the squares were not enough, in October of 2012, Saturn began a stint in Scorpio. This made navigating life treacherous for countless people. Everyone has been tested in some aspect of their life. Then there was that gasp for air in December when Saturn moved on into Sagittarius. Oh, wait! You are not done with those lessons. Apparently you needed a refresher. So, Saturn retrograded back into Scorpio in June of this year. Oh my! It has since managed to go direct and is at the tail end of it’s tour through Scorpio, not to return for another 29 years. This will happen when it goes back to Sagittarius where it belongs on September 17.  Hallefrickenlujah!!!

HOWEVER, just when you thought it was safe to step out into the light again, Mercury goes retrograde on the very same day, September 17. I just described this to a friend as Saturn (the slingshot) releasing everyone and Mercury (the rubber band that breaks) saying hold on, not so fast. You’ve weathered the storm, but the universe would like for you to pause and review. Stay tuned for mid-October. 

So, what else is in the mix? ECLIPSES! Think back to 1997, if you are old enough. What was going on at that time? That will be the theme this September. On September 13 there will be a Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo on the New Moon, then a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries on the 27th. September will be a wild ride. There will be plenty of days you are uncertain where you are headed. Granted, you already feel that way, but there will be surprise events to bring twists and turns to your path. 

The Autumn Equinox at September 23 gives me a tremendous sense of calm. It appears the worst part of the shift is over by then. Go with the flow and make it to the other side of Mercury retrograde. 

For many, actually most, there has been a massive shift taking place. The universe is working overtime to put you where you need to be, which is not likely where you thought you were headed. 

I read for people every single day. All of you have similar questions and concerns in life. I have decided to do a special reading offer for a limited time. 

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I will make these readings available through October 15, 2015

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