Free Readings Event – An Evening with Tarot by Cecelia and Raventalker, plus Special Guests – Wednesday, November 11, 2015



Wednesday, November 11, on the New Moon, Raventalker and Tarot by Cecelia will be hosting separate threads in the Facebook group ‘Surviving Your Spiritual Path with Tarot, Spirit, Astrology and Meditation‘. Also joining in, with their own threads, will be special guests, Mina the Angel Messenger, Nursing the Soul, Gaia Blooming, and The Reiki Forest. Be sure to check out everyone’s pages by clicking on their names. 

To be able to participate, you will need to join the group. Feel free to add your friends. Keep your question simple. 

I am having some technical difficulties at this end. Your social media share is greatly appreciated. ❤️

Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Time: 8:00pm EST – New York

Location: Surviving Your Spiritual Path with Tarot, Spirit, Astrology and Meditation – please join to participate. 

Feel free to share and reblog anywhere you think there may be interest. 

This will be New York time. To verify the time in your time zone, click here

Please note, at the bottom of this post you will see 3 groups which you may be interested in joining. 

This is how the threads will appear:

Mina the Angel Messenger


Gaia Blooming  


Nursing the Soul

The Reiki Forest




Tarot by Cecelia 


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