78 Tarot Nautical – Tarot of the Water

Where do I begin? My parents bought me my first set of Tarot cards in the French Quarter in New Orleans back in 1971. I was just a little girl, but a Tarot reader was born that day. Over the years, I occasionally purchased, or was gifted, a new deck of cards. There are so many thousands of Tarot decks of various themes available to the wannabe, intermediate and experienced readers of the world. One of the most notable differences in decks these days is quality, craftsmanship, and the amount of work which has gone into the creation of each deck/card.  That brings me to today’s topic – 78 Tarot Nautical, Tarot of the Water. This is the second in a series of decks from 78 Tarot. Yes, as you may have guessed, the theme of the deck is nautical. And why do they call it 78 Tarot? Firstly, the typical Tarot deck contains 78 cards. This is a Global Art Collaboration like none other, bringing together 78 of the most highly-respected and sought after Tarot artists in the industry. Each artist has contributed a unique piece of artwork for one card in this deck.

I am sitting here with the Collector’s Edition and feel extremely privileged to be doing so; hopefully I can do justice to what I have here before me. These Tarot kits come beautifully wrapped, just like the gift which they truly are. Everything is contained in one of the highest-quality boxes I have seen in years; some things just scream classy when you unwrap them. This is definitely one of them. Nowadays, you can purchase decks, which may or may not contain a companion book pertaining to the deck. There is a little informative booklet which is standard to receive with a Tarot deck, but the 229-page, hardback book which accompanies the deck is a spectacular work of art, in and of itself. It takes you through the deck, card by beautiful card, artist by talented artist. What an incredible masterpiece of quality and information, including credit to all supporters who helped finance the deck through Kickstarter.

The cards come packaged inside their own beautiful box, complete with a companion book. As a long-time Tarot reader who now wears 3.0 reading glasses to see my phone, these cards are a welcome sight! They are just thick enough and flexible for typical reader use, but they run above average in size. The size is perfect still for my little hands to shuffle, and the larger images eliminate the need to pull out the readers which always seem to be on top of my head. The 78 uniquely-gifted artists involved in Tarot of the Water, have not only incorporated water in their artwork, but there are plenty of seashells, mermaids, pirates, sea creatures and the like in each whimsical rendering. To me, strong, colorful images make for a great deck. That is certainly the case here and it definitely contributes to a more powerful reading. All who follow me know I am like the Queen of Positivity and the nautical theme lends to a more pleasant reading vibe. Of course I can not forget to mention the gorgeous artwork on the back of the cards which gives the feel of gentle, ocean waves lapping at your feet. I am not going to show each individual card here, but I will provide links for your perusal. Listen for me to be using this deck in the next Weekly and Monthly, etc.

The good folks at 78 Tarot are currently running a sale on Tarot of the Water as they need to make room for the third deck in the series, arriving late November, 78 Tarot Carnival, Cirque du Tarot. Bottom line, Tarot of the Water will not be around much longer for purchase. If you, or someone you love, are an avid Tarot reader and/or collector, now would be the time to check out this amazing, limited-edition deck. As a follower of Tarot by Cecelia, 78 Tarot has extended to you an additional 10% off their sale price at checkout. Coupon code CECELIA

A gentle reminder which I have not brought up thus far – Mercury enters shadow December 1 which means it may likely find a way to interfere with your holiday shopping. Just saying!

Beginning November 1, I will be doing a special series, card-by-card, in no particular order, so that you may see what a creative, unique and highly-artistic deck Tarot of the Water truly is.



Be sure to include coupon code CECELIA for an additional 10% off at time of checkout. 

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