Featured Card of the Day – The Moon – 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water

Artist: Luca Federici Carey

Website: Rainbots.com


Illusion, dreams, deception, hidden enemies, anxiety, mysteries

Artist’s Interpretation & Card Meaning

“I wanted to emphasize the core element of madness, which, strangely, seems lacking in popular depictions. The dream world is the essence of insanit and even the crayfish (which symbolizes consciousness) appears strange and unsettling in this world. It’s a rapturous, violent place and the crayfish, despite its pivotal role, can do nothing but watch in awe. Malevolence of every kind is oozing from the tall monster and yet his relatively benign foe is also alien and unfamiliar; the crayfish scans the landscape for familiarity and comfort but finds neither.

The architect of this chaos is the moon, which, ironically, is itself illusory. Like the god of a false religiion, it has only as much power as the bestowed upon it by its beholder, and in this world it reigns supreme.”

A huge orb hangs in the sky, lighting the scene below – two cities with a path between them to the horizon. But the sky is dark – this the Moon, offering a muted light over a dream world, full of shadows and monsters. Two of these, one brutal and savage (our untamed nature), the other, defensive and more civilized (our disciplined selves), are at the start of the path, in conflict before it has begun. A crayfish emerges from the sea, synbolizing the start of a journey from the subconscious.

This card is regarded as an indicator of your subconscious mind – a need to give reign to your intuition, the elements of play behind your actions and feelings. Your dreams and visions are trying to tell you something and you should listen.

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