Featured Card of the Day – The Emperor – 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water


Artist:   Delphine Levesque Demers

Website: Zerick.com


Patriarch, stability, authority, leadership, rules

Artist’s Interpretation & Card Meaning

“The Emperor is represented by a strong, wise and authoritative aged man. I immediately thought a powerful, experienced ship captain would be perfect. Under the constellation of Aries in a fiery sky, he is found by the seashore sitting on a rustic sandstone throne, a symbol of solid foundations, still standing tall and strong after decades of storms and tempests. In his right hand he holds an ankh, symbol of life, and in his left hand, the world over which he rules, represented by a precious pearl. It was only natural to ask my husband, Jason, to pose and model for me as he shares a lot in common with The Emperor himself, he is my rock, a wonderful father, and he works endlessly for his family and has earned all my love and respect. Security, comfort and stability are all qualities of the Emperor that I can find in my husband and so much more. I thought he would be absolutely perfect to be the inspiration behind this card, my little tribute to him, after all, he truly is the captain of my heart…!”

A dominant, graying man sits on a sandstone throne, on a beach stretching as far as we can see. He has long, flowing gray locks, symbolizing his experience and age. His face is weathered and scarred, a patch covers one eye, and his hands hold an ankh and a globe. The ankh represents his authority, the globe represents his dominion. His throne is adorned with shells forming the shapes of rams’ heads, representing his strength of will. He has fought hard for the land he rules, the power he now wields, he has seen much, and deserves respect and obedience.

This card heralds a well-fought victory – success and stability brought by working within the rules and becoming wiser and more focused on the way.

Astrological Association & Element

Fire / Aries

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