Featured Card of the Day – Death – 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water


Artist: Travis Anthony Soumis

Website: None given


Transformation, rebirth, endings, new beginnings, change

Artist’s Interpretation & Card Meaning

“I just wanted to portray the Death card as a looming obstacle you have to get by to achieve change. There’s a pinnacle and color in the background representing the goal. A body in the water representing the death of the old self. And of course, the reaper, his scythe filling the sky, guarding the way to change. In other words, let yourself die and embrace a new self, overlooking your past.”

The Grim Reaper comes to collect his next soul. This soul belongs to a man who has drowned in dark and stormy seas. Behind Death, however, is a bright light. A new day, a new beginning, past the storm. As one door closes, another opens – a brighter future lies ahead, a rebirth from the dark into the light. A massive change looms – inevitable, uncomfortable, possibly even scary, but necessary – this change will show what is truly important.

This is a gateway card. It can refer to an actual death, but more often represents the end of an era. This can be a worrying time, but you are ready, and it is an important transition – reach out and grab it with both hands.

Astrological Element & Association

Water / Scorpio

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