Featured Card of the Day – Strength – 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water


Artist: Meredith Dillman

Website: MeredithDillman.com


Strength, compassion, resolve, courage, tolerance

Artist’s Interpretation & Meaning

“Strength appears to be a quiet and gentle girl, but she uses her inner strength, patience and compassion to tame the sea serprent instead of physical power. She has the ability to harness the chaotic animal nature of the beast through calm persistence, understanding and love. The serpent’s tail shows there is more than what appears on the surface, while the girl sits upon a solid foundation of stone.”

A huge, leonine sea serpent rises out of the water toward a young girl on a rock. Beneath the water, other sea creatures swim – potential predators and dangers lurking below. But the girl is calm. Rather than reacting with an ignorant, passionate response, she reaches for this awesome creature and treats it like a beloved pet. Her caress is met with gentle care – she is not in any danger. An infinity symbol floats above her head, symbplizing spiritual power and balance. The serpent’s power is tempered by the understated inner strength of the the girl.

This card is a reminder that with truth, compassion, and understanding, we can exert our strength of will over a situation, gently shaping things to our will, rather than meeting them head on with physical prowess.

Astrological Association & Element

Fire / Leo

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