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Artist: Jenga Garcia

Website: None Given


Dependable, reliable, methodical, steadfast, solid

Artist’s Interpretation & Card Meaning

“Known as the Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land, the Knight of Pentacles is all about hard work, dependability and pragmatism. Traditionally this card has a yellow sky and green rolling fields, which are the evidence of the triumphs of his labor. Green is the color of the suit of pe ntacles, and si I felt there should be a lot of green in the card. A green sea, like an abundant harvest, can be unpredictable and sometimes very difficult to navigate successfully, but swith devotion and hard work it can be done.

I put a little nod to Venus in the sku. which is the planet for the suit of pentacles, and an elecampane flower, which is the flower for this card. His ship is his trusty steed, and so I put a horse head on the main sail. You will also notice his choker has the symbol for Earth. Earth is the elemebt for the suit of Pentacles.”

A pirate knight stands on the beach, his ship behind him on a stormy sea. In his hands he holds a treasure chest with a pentacle emblem. He is still, contemplative for now. His task is to bury the treasure himself, rather than trusting it to any of his crew, and then return and find more. The chest is full – this is not a frivolous knight who spent it already. He has a plan and he will keep to it meticulously.

The Knight of Pentacles works steadily to achieve the Page’s plans – this card represents a methodical worker who puts his work first. It may not be the most exciting, or original work anyone has done, but he has a good reputation, well-earned, and is to be trusted and respected for his effort and determination.

Astrological Association & Element

Earth / Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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