Featured Card of the Day – The Magician – Monstarot from Joanna Nelson Studio

Artist:  Joanna Nelson

Website:  JoannaNelsonStudio.com


Action, knowledge, power of self

Artist Interpretation

He stands before a mushroom table top which holds all four suits of the Monstarot, earth, air, fire and water. The Magician is dressed in a spaking red star robe and holds a scroll high into the air as he points to the earth with his other hand. What answers does the magical scroll hold? Whatever you need; perhaps the answers to manifesting your goals and the power to act. His magic energy has transformed the roses and lilies into enchanted flowers which now dance and fly around him.

Card Meaning

You’ve got this! The Magician reminds you that you have all the power of creation within you, all the knowledge that you need. Stop doubting yourself. Focus on what exists within you, on the skills and knowledge you already have…put these to work and there is nothing that can stop you!

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